How the stern windlass wiring works

How the stern windlass wiring works.
The windlass is old and we have searched the web etc for manuals and have found none (it is a Powerwinch).
We do not know how much AMPs the current draws.

The windlass connects to a 15 amp switch breaker (like at our nav station) and then to a buss. You can see this at the far right in the pic.

The windlass it’s self has a on\off switch, not shown in the picture.

The 15 amp breaker connects to the buss under the deck.

The buss connects to the 40 amp breaker that resets. Then to the 2 gauge cable. 

The cable runs to the back of the electrical panel and connects to a selector switch. The selector switch has a (newly replaced by us) 2 AWG cable that runs to the batteries.

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