Calked Cap varnish removal - more

 Used some of the long summer sunlight to get some more varnish removal done on the cap rail.
Messy job...glad when this is over. 

It is kind of instant gratification though seeing the nice teak below the old dark varnish come out.

Refer insulation - freezer insulated!

We got another can of spray foam from WM (our last - yeah!) and put foam behind the Dow Blue Board (DBB) that we added for the evaporator plate to screw into. First we drilled  four holes through the DBB so we could get behind it with the foam.The spay foam pushed the top of the DBB out a bit so it is not exactly straight up and down now. We will need to sand it to make it right after trimming off the excess spray foam.
 That’s it  - no more DBB or spray foam! Both the refer and freezer are done being insulated!

Cockpit grate - Second coat of Teak Wonder

 Got another coat of Teak Wonder on the cockpit grate. I thought I stained it with the oil from my sub sandwich the other day but it either came out or blended in with the second coat.

 Some water from the bimini pooled onto the grate and sat there all day it never got absorbed into the wood.      Looks like the Teak Wonder is doing it’s job.
 Owen will be coming by today to fix the spot over the emergency tiller access port.

Puerto Vallarta Rain

Puerto Vallarta Mexico July 13th 2011 or so

Because the rain comes down so hard and fast those hatches and port holes and the cap rail etc need to get sealed up nice!
 This video is of Debbie dancing in the rain. It comes down hard but is warm and will not last that long. It will possibly rain for about two hours an evening but clears up after that. The rain cools things down and is fun.

Rain at beach

Lots of rain

Froli Sleep System - came in

 The Froli Sleep System we ordered came in and we opened one box. Looks like the little crawly things on a SciFi movie.  So now to find some time to set it all up :)

Refer insulation - freezer almost insulated

 The freezer insulation got rimed out a bunch so we could put a one inch thick piece of Dow Blue Board DBB) in and have it straight up and down. This is what the evaporator plate will attach to, well on this side of the refer any way. Debbie attached the spacers that come with the evaporator plate that go between the freezer and the plate to the cardboard template with blue tape. We fit is in until we were happy with the size. Debbie glued it into place and we will drill a few holes in it so we can foam the void behind it and then foam around it. This is the last insulation we need to do. The tops will need two inch thick pieces of  DBB but that is not hard and can be done on the work mate on the dock, no bending and banging the head and far reaching places etc.

Windlass - Cable ends replaced

 It was time to put water in the batteries. This is a pain in the ass. It is easy to do - it is the reminding ourselves that it needs to be done and planning it that is a pain. It is a needless chore that is a constant pain. Next year we will get AGM batteries and no more storing special water and turkey type baster etc and keeping this schedule!

 The good thing is we have been needing to put new ends on the anchor windlass wires because we are going to anchor out this weekend.

  (We anchored out a few times before the re-power and the windlass worked well before we cut the cables shorter to the windlass.) 

We had bought a tool to do this at Harbor Freight. 

 That is because we did not want to pull the wires out and take them to a store to do it. We had bought the cables a little long (several feet) as we were still moving the batteries at the time.  So this tool maxes out at this size (2/0) and that’s OK because it is all we need it for. The cables are at there maximum length after setting up the house batteries and we had extra cable so we wanted to cut them to the size we needed not the full run length. 

 First striped the wires (already had cut them off) and then put on the shrink tubing. Then we put in the dies into the tool (tool dies are 00 but really only fit up to 2/0 all we need) and the put the end on the cable. 

 We applied the tool and started pumping the handle down until I could not do it anymore. 

The crimp seems very strong and we are pleased. 

Then we pulled up the shrink wrap (added dish soap to the second one and it was much easier) and used the heat gun to shrink it up. 

Debbie made up some labels for the cables and "wa-la"...all done. We are ready to anchor again! Only took about six months to do this as we were re-powering etc and had no need to do this project. Now we can sell off the tool and put a check mark on this completed project!

Wind generator mounting pole dropped off

 Dropped off the mounting pole for the wind Generator at R. W. Little’s and got a completion date of the usual 7 to 10 days. It used to be a month or more but with the bad economy it works for us.
We are having it done like we had the hatches done a three part marine epoxy paint. The color is Sky White. 

Salon forward windows - shade screen installed

 We installed the shade screen that Debbie made on the two forward facing salon windows. First we had to determine the center so the shade screen would be centered on the window and then we put in one snap. 

 We drilled a hole (careful not to go into the head liner) and put some white silicone on the Dot Snap Fastener Screw Stud  and screwed it in. 

Then we put together the snap and fastened it to the shade screen. Once one was in we stretched the fabric some and did another snap installation as above. 

So on and so on eight times trying to keep them in the same pattern etc. 

The Sunbrella shade screen came out nice and does the job. It may come a time when we need to add more snaps on the ends but we decided to wait and see. Maybe not, so less is better.

Another project complete!

Mounting pole for wind generator

Picked up the aluminum pipe – 1 ½ inch ID sch 40 for the mounting pole.
Now we will drop it off a R. W. Little.
TEL: (619) 297-3705


Cockpit table - Starboard

 Debbie picked up some ¾” Starboard from San Diego Plastics (800)925-4855 (619)477-4855

This is going to be used for our new cockpit table.

Folding flush-mount table hinge

 We order the hinges form Marine Parts Depo

When we get the hinges we will drop them and the table top off the C. S. Ferguson for him to router uo spots for the hinges and make the cuts for the two wings. Then we will re-fit and make a template for the top part of the binical and send it back for more and cutting.
 We also need to fabricate the top bracket that holds the current table so it will go on the binical on the outside of the 1” supports instead of the inside and then fasten new hinges to it. This is the old “Yacht Specifies” binicla and the SS supports are further apart than the new Edison binicals.
Ahhh it is never done is it 

Caulked Cap varnish removal

Got some more varnish removal done on the cap rail. It has still got a ways to go but we are making good progress. 

Sunscreen covers - two forward facing windows

Debbie made new sunbrella sunscreen covers for the two forward facing windows in the salon. These fit good and will help keep the sun from beating down onto the teak and upholstery and into the boat generally heating it up. Now we will install the snaps which is always the hard part. That and drilling holes into the boat. We are thinking three snaps on each end should do it. Ouch!