Blue Sky Controller fusing amps etc

 OK just got off the phone with Blue Sky Energy who makes our solar controller.
 The said the controller will boost the amps from the panels by up to 30% or more.

Technical Support
Tel 760.597.1642 ext. 105
Fax 760.597.1731

 So the panels can produce 27 amps and the controller can boost that 30% so we could see 35 amps of charge coming from the controller (real good day), lots of sun and cool (best for panels).
The amps readout is the amount of amps the batteries are being charged by.
The lower the batteries the more they will be getting charged.
We should fuse the controller to batteries with a 50 amp fuse and fuse each panel with a 10 amp fuse or the bunch with a 35 amp fuse.

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