Used inflatable paddle board\surf board

Mid April 2013 - Sitting at anchor in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay

Samoa Sevylor

On the morning Banderas Bay Cruisers VHF Net we announced under “Treasures of The Bilge” that we were looking for an inflatable paddle board.
 Now there are not many inflatable paddle boards here in Mexico and so I was really not expecting much in the way of results.

Dave on Free Spirit at anchor in Punta De Mita with us.

Just after the morning net Dave on Free Spirit called us on the VHF of course and said he had one for sale!  The next day we marched over there, we were both in the La Cruz Marina for a couple few days.

Dave showed it to us and we had the “think about it” and said so. It was used and had some sun damage but seemed in fair enough shape with no leaks. It also had a longer paddle than came with it that Dave bought and it fits me; also came with a pump etc all equipped and ready to go.

 We researched the brand on the web and it got good reviews and so we went back a day or so later.
Dave had it mostly blown up and we or I took it for a paddle. It seemed to fit me well enough and we “thought about it some more”. In Mexico, we say “If you see it and want it then buy it then as you may never see it again”. This has happened to us a couple times so we usually adhere to this principle.

Dave was leaving for the sea as soon as his sail repair was done and so Debbie and I negotiated a fair amount of coconuts (the code word as you cannot buy or sell anything as a tourist in Mexico to another tourist) and we got it.

We used the electric pump to get it most of the way inflated.

We took it to Punta De Mita and after a day at anchor blew it up.

The next day I tried it out but it was too soft as I guessed at the amount of air. Plus the sea state was not great compounding the issue.

A paddle or two and down.
Climb back up and so on....
Knee paddling works :)

I fell off a lot. So the next day we blew it up to about eleven pounds, says to twelve max so eleven seems good with the sun and all.

 The next day is on the video and did not turn out good sea state wise. I was hoping for some calm morning seas coming up.
 The board is not the prettiest board on the beach but it is just what I need or wanted. The inflatable paddle boards usually go for a good chunk of change and a fiberglass one we did not want. When we are not using it for a while it would be blocking our views and air hanging on the side of our boat etc.

Ok the next day I went to go paddle boarding and the board was flat.

It has a major leak!

It leaks around the air valve. Looks like it will need a whole new air valve!

 There is a shop near by or a bus ride.

They also sponsor paddle board  events.  Pacificpaddle

More to be revealed!!

At anchor in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay

Endo of April 2013 - Sitting at anchor in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay

 Some boats have and are leaving for the Puddle Jump.

 Some have left and are leaving for the trip up to the sea.

 Some are summer over here like us. We will be staying in Paradise Village Marina and some will just stay on the hook here, Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay and in the La Cruz anchorage. If a storm comes they will duck into a marina.

 The anchorages are not always calm and of course you would need to run a generator for AC.

Our 45 lb CQR anchor and 3/8 BBB chain are holding great as usual. No dragging or problems. We have about 135' of chain out and are anchored in about 25'of water.

La Cruz to Punta De Mita

Middle of April 2013 - Sitting at anchor in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay in Mexico

Feet steering :)

 We had a nice sail from La Cruz to Punta De Mita. Our furler has never been right since we put on a new genoa or it could be when it broke on the Cabo to Mazatlan crossing. We hate to furl the genoa with the winch on the second speed. That should not need to we used, the winch never mind on the second sped.

Any way it was a beautiful sail and we got a whale show by the islands to boot.

Keep vigilant not complacent

Middle of April 2013 - Sitting at anchor in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay in Mexico

 While we were in La Cruz two boats went aground. One was a 30 or so foot sail boat which was lost.
We did go to the beach sale and picked up a couple of Garhauer blocks and cars for the jib track. Ours is a 1 ¼ track and we got lucky and we found two that fit.
The Garhauer blocks need a good cleaning, they have sand and grime but still spin. Nice ball bearing blocks. Another item to make life a little easier. Also the pin just pulls up to slide them and lock them down. Our current blocks need to be un-screwed and some times you need a rag to turn the knob, they get stuck.
Ours are currently the original 30 + year old blocks, no ball bearings in these puppies!
 He said “Now I know how to sail I just need to know how to anchor.” His sail boat broke anchor and ended up on the beach (he was not aboard). After several people tried getting it off the boat ended up being lost.

The second boat s\v Flying Dragon 
Now another story is that the boat was way too close to shore and lost it’s engine because of a dirty fuel filter. They tried to raise the sails but did not have time so they went back to trying to start the engine. Only at the end when they were almost on the beach did they decide to drop the hook. The anchor was not ready so it took long. That was probably their first choice to prevent the grounding.

That is just another story.
 We have had a problem once anchoring. We were varnishing the chain locker louvered door in the head and had hung up a small towel to cover the empty door frame. We went out to anchor and as the anchor chain was going out the windless the chain picked up the towel and shredded it while it jammed in the windless. From that day forward we use the chain locker only for chain. The anchor is always ready to deploy. Also our stern anchor is always to deploy. OK we may need to move the outboard motor gas tank but within 30-60 seconds that anchor can be on it’s way to the water.

 When we did the Baja Ha Ha in 2012 our crew taught us how to set the main halyard so the sail is always ready to deploy. We do that always unless we are tied to a dock.
We  drain our Rachor fuel filters every ten hours of engine run time and check for dirt.

There also was another sail boat that went on the beach here recently but I forgot the info on it.
However it is easy to get complaisant. It is especially easy while sitting at the dock in a Marina.



Breakfast at Ya Ya’s Café

Mid April 2013 - Sitting at anchor in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay

A week or so ago:
Mike and Holly on S\v Wanuskewin sailed over from Nuevo Vallarta Marina and anchored in La Cruz anchorage. Then Sam and Dave on s\v Islena along with Mike and Holly came and picked us up on our boat to go ashore for breakfast at Ya Ya’s Café in La Cruz for some catch up on everyone's sailing adventures.  We were all dock mates at a time for a time at Marina Cortez in San Diego. Great time.

Ya Ya's is a cruisers café and has some good food at reasonable prices and coffee that is not Nescafé instant.

The chicken myth buster

Late April 2013 - Sitting at anchor in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay
 In San Diego before we left on the Baha Ha Ha 2012  we were told that the chicken in Mexico is very tough. That is because the chickens run around wild in people’s yards. That to cook the chicken tender you need to use a pressure cooker. I even tried to cook a chicken in our pressure cooker in San Diego and it came out awful.
Out front.
The senora in the way back is cooking chicken over a wood fire in the grill.
So here we are in Mexico and the chicken is great. They are cooked locally at many places in each town. They are sold by the chicken or you can get the meal. The meal is usually cole slaw, rice, tortillas and salsa. Very good. Sometimes they sell two for one specials.

No need to pressure cook the chicken !

Wind sensors to be replaced -Garmin and Windex 15

Middle of April 2013 - Sitting at anchor in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay in Mexico

 The dam bird in Barra knocked BOTH our wind sensors off.
 We have been using the Mexican and Haja Ha Ha 2012 flags and a wet finger to decide on the wind direction.

 We will re-purchase the Windex 15 and replace it.

Also we will replace the Garmin wind vane that fell through the hatch when we (Debbie) goes up the mast. Another thing coming back from The trip to San Diego is the Windex 15.

Chain to rode for Lewmar H3 windless

Middle of April 2013 - Anchored in La Cruz Anchorage - in Banderas Bay in Mexico
Pg 76 of the Pacific Mexico Guide book

 We have a Lewmar H3 windless. It has a 3/8 gypsy on it and a rode drum.

It works great and we really like it.

We have 200 ft of 3/8 BBB chain. We would like to add 100 ft of line to the chain to make it a total of 300 ft.

 We can splice this ourselves and pickup the three strand locally.
This way we 300 ft of rode and then stern anchoring will be easier with more choices and this could be better in a blow than 200 ft.


New props for Honda 9.9 hp outboard

Middle of April 2013 - Anchored in La Cruz Anchorage - in Banderas Bay in Mexico
Pg 76 of the Pacific Mexico Guide book


We got tired of looking for a prop hub re-build kit and place to have it done either here in Mexico or San Diego. We decided that the cost difference between a new and re-hubed prop was not that much different.

Spun hub.
 Eight tooth spline.

  We have friends on s\v Gitane – Ken & Nancy who have a Nissan 8 hp two stroke with a spun hub. He just fixed his by drilling and tapping three set screws into the prop to keep it from spinning. There was no hope of finding parts so to keep it going , that was the solution.
Not the case for us as we have a new motor.
 So we ordered two new props and will have one for back up.

Solas Amita Aluminum Propeller

9-1/4 x 9 RH Solas Amita Aluminum Propellers
SOLAS uses a state of the art squeeze casting process to make their Amita aluminum propellers stonger and tougher than traditional die cast props. SOLAS Amita aluminum propellers have 4 layers of paint. Using superior coatings on the Amita props ensures excellent anti-corrosion performance.

 Solas Amita Four Blade Aluminum Propeller

 - Exclusive Solas squeeze casting process
 - Increased static thrust for heavy loads & maneuverability
 - Great stern lift and mid-range performance

We purchased two from .
We will pick them up in San Diego.

Punta De Mita - Mexican Navy

Beginning of April 2013 - Sitting at anchor in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay in Mexico
Pg 69 of the Pacific Mexico Guide book

 While sitting at anchor in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay the Mexican Navy came cruising through. They hung around for a day or two do some kind of exercise or just relaxing.


La Cruz Anchorage - it's a fish story

Middle of April 2013 - Anchored in La Cruz Anchorage - in Banderas Bay in Mexico
Pg 76 of the Pacific Mexico Guide book

 It was in December of last year and we were anchored in the La Cruz anchorage. That is where we are now and it is 4/15/13. We never got the post going because it took a long time to get the video to the web.

Also the La Cruz Marina charges (when someone is there to collect it at the dock)  30 pesos a day to "park" your dinghy for going in to town for WiFi, groceries, etc. Well in Barra you can get a panga to come to your boat in the anchorage, pick you up and take you to town and that includes a ride back when you are ready. That is 25 pesos. So while 30 pesos does not seem ($3.00) much it really is.
 Any way back then the water was clearer and the fish were all over and you could see them easily.



Speaking of fish, at the La Cruz fish market we got a piece of Dorado for less than $3.00 and mmmmm good!

The weather was different then (December 2012). It was nicer in the afternoon hours as the wind did not pick up as it does now. Now every day the wind is 20-25 knots through the anchorage. Makes for a wet dinghy ride.

Not so nice for every one :(
Catamaran getting towed in by Mexican Coast Guard in Banderas Bay.

It looked like the sail was shredded and other damage.
Some others were having more fun!!

Sailing right through the anchorage!! 



La Cruz - Magma flopper stopper re-rigged

Middle of April 2013 - Anchored in La Cruz Anchorage - in Banderas Bay in Mexico
Pg 76 of the Pacific Mexico Guide book
We extended the whisker pole out three more feet and replace the braided halyard line with a three strand line for some elasticity. The three strand is also longer so we could extend the whisker pole out. The line was a dinghy anchor line I think. It came with the boat. It is a bit large for a dinghy though.
New anchor line re-purposed for Magma flopper stopper to right.
We added a snap clip to the end and it is working fine. We marked it off in ten. fifteen and at twenty feet. That’s so we can adjust the depth of the Magma flopper stopper.

 The whisker cannot go out any more as it just slides out through the side stay and it now reaches the anchor roller. So it would be difficult to handle any longer. It does now work a bit better and is probably where it will work best for us.

A couple more new three strand lines to replace the other two and we will be finished with the setup.

It dos work great now.

La Cruz - 2012

Late December 2012
Found this post we never posted so here it is form2012.

Red was going on the Pacific Puddle Jump. As of now 4/15/2013 they are now at Paradise Village Marina and have not left yet.

 Our boat.
Fish market.

Sunday market during cruising season.