Spectra Water maker done

 OK Debbie and I have the Spectra Ventura water maker all set up, at least we think so because we have not tested it yet.

The blue lines are the product water maker lines.
 We added a faucet to the galley to test the water from the watter maker.


 We added a water line from the galley to the starborad water tank (product to tank).

 We did some other things like setting up the through hull and plumbing it in.

New laptop-Kindle Fire HD, Boise speaker, Kindle Whitepaper,and camera

2012 San Diego
We purchased a new laptop from Fry's Electronics and it was less money than the popular tablet and does a 100 times more (biased I agree :))! As I am typing on this computer now it is great. At present we are in a SailMail class and they are talking sat phones which does not interest us. This new laptop will serve the purpose of emails to SailMail among other things. SailMail is a Microsoft Windows program but other devices can run Windows.

We can also watch movies on our 27" LED TV from our portable hard drive which we have our movies stored on through HDMI.
Purchased at Fries Electronics. 
Shown here on the bookshelf. This speaker really sounds great.

We also have a 15" monitor so we can watch the movies in the cockpit with our new speaker. Putting both out in the cockpit we can do cockpit movies with great sound and graphics. This Boise speaker also runs and charges the better on 110 power. It connects to our TV by a sound cable also in the aux port.
Additional Hard drive.
We got the laptop with built in Bluetooth. The Bluetooth connects to our new Boise battery-powered speaker and the Pactor modem which connects to our SSB radio.

Also we picked up a USB remote keyboard and mouse for the salon and cockpit use.  We purchased this at Fry's also.

All in all a sweet setup.

I also received a new Kindle Fire HD tablet for a retirement present. We sold our old Kindle Fire because the new one can do Skype better. We also ordered a Kindle Whitepaper 3G for reading my books.

Because I literally hosed my Droid X smart phone with the garden hose, which killed it despite using the "rice" trick, at the boat we got a water proof camera. This we purchased at Costco.

False floor (deck)

Debbie built a false floor (deck) for the cabinet that the water maker filter is in. The one that needs changing a lot. There never was a floor there and theitems would sit on the wires and hoses snaking through. That is not good.

First she made a template and the used the template to cut out a piece of marine plywood to fit.

Then a couple more cuts and fits for a screww on the bulkhead and then some wires and it fit perfectly.

Debbie then drilled a bunch of holes in the floor to vent it. There is water that can drain through the hull to the bilge in the area.

After all that Debbie painted it and then messued for the brace to hold the floor flat. After screwing in the brace and the paint drying she installed the floor. Debbie added a screw for a esay handle to pick it up for inspetion ect.


Spectra water maker through hull installed - ready

 We perty much finished off plumbing up the Spectra Ventura water maker. Debbie installed a 1/2 inch through hull from the dingy because the inside angle was to sharp. The through hull(TH) was or is now inside a cubby. Debbie messured from the water tank vent down the side of the boat then over to get the spot. The cam inside an figured the spot out. We drilled a pilot hole abd it was right on. Debbie used a 1/2 inch drill and was just above the water being carefull not to get i wet.
Our new dingy is also a work boat now.
Drilling the pilot hole.
I advised from the boat :).

With some 3M 5200 on her chinny chin chin :)
We will wait till the 3M 5200 cures some and in a day or so we will install the valve and elbow. Connect thr brine hose and we are done. Then we will be close enough to cutting the lines to star making water.
We also put in a 4 way on the boats fresh water line and plumbed one to the back flush of th water maker.
We added the return product line to the starboard atwer tank from the sink and cut it into the vent hose.


Diving gear at Sport Chalet

 Picked up a set of diving gear at Sport Chalet for cleaning the bottom. It all came in a handy dandy carring\storage bag. Debbie gave it to me as a birthday gift. Yep down under for the bottom cleaning but the water will be worm!

Edison one step arrived

Our Edison step arrived. We also sold our dock steps to Ann Marie and Ralph who have a Catalina 34. They will pick them up at our cut the lines party next week.

Water fall faucet andvessel head sink

The water fall faucet for our vessel head sink came in. We are going to go for installing the sink and faucet before taking off. It would be a lot to store the faucet and sink for our trip south and would be nice to use. Also it would be likely 6 months or more before we would get to installing it if we do not do it now.

Saving the Merc two stroke

 It is hard to let go of the Mercury two stroke 4 hp motor. It has forward and reverse and neutral on the side. It runs great and uses little gas. It has an internal gas tank so it is self sufficient. As I was putting in the boat we got an offer to buy it. Yes the Honda is a great motor but just in case of who knows what we are keeping the Merc, that is if it stores on the boat. It did just that in our long term storage under the bed and there is lots of room left for other gear.  
Standing up in the storage area.

Picked up some rubber mats for the motor to sit on. Also put a piece of marine plywood at the bottom by the prop for the motor to rest on. This way it does not touch the hull. We will be adding lots og gear in here so it will not be moving arround.

So times I wonder if I am a horder, we could just sell it?

Magma boat stabilizer

We picked up a Magma “Rock ’n Roll”™ Boat Stabilizer (flopper stopper) just because we do not want to say we could of but didn’t do it as we rocked side to side at an anchorage. It is a bit pricey and a bit heavy but we went for it. At the swap meet we looked for some plastic round cone ones as a possible solution but there were none.

Dingy lock cable made up

Chris at Dwonwind marine helped us with fabricating a dingy lock. We bought 25’ of heavy life line and two crimps for the cable. Actually Downwind did not have enough of the heavy life line so Chris sent us over the Sailing Supply to get it. Also Downwind did not have a large enough crimper to do the job. Chris said 25’ was needed in case we had to climb ove a couple dingys at a busy ding dock, makes sense. The eyes a made small so they can be squeezed together and slit in through the ole in the dock cleat. The other end is around the motor lock or some other way locked to the boat etc.
 So we went to the rig shop at Sailing Supply and Debbie and I got into a music conversation Ed the rigger. Seems he plays in a locals band with his guitar. He offered for us to come jam with them or him but we are leaving town. So Ed crimped up the cable and off we went with our new dingy lock up cable.

Honda Motor mount

OK we have a really nice Honda 9.9 hp outboard motor. As it turns out we have no place to mount it! It will not fit where the 4 hp two stroke sat on the stern rail.
 Now what?
 Well we called Mathew at Benchmark and he said to bring the boat by his new location as there is a public dock there. We motored over in the boat and there was already a small motor boat docked at the L shaped dock. Debbie worked her docking magic and parallel the boat into the tight space like a true Captain. Lots of folks watching from Jimmie’s Barbecue and Pizza Nova and the dock masters office. After a high five we walked up to Mitch’s Sea Food (small place on the sport fishing pier) which is probably what Point Loma Sea Food was before it got big, expensive and not all that good in my HO J.
Then we marched into Benchmark and brought Mathew down to the boat. He made a template of the stern section for a new mount.

Doing the figuring.

  We then decide that the two 6 lb propane tank setup for the barbecue grill was going to be in the way and one tank had to go. Dam this is\was a sweet setup! When one tank went empty there was a red flag thrown by the regulator and it automatically switched over to the other tank. The first choice T bone steak never knew the difference. We could go months without a propane tank run. Oh well it had to go.

Of course this is crunch time for the fabricators\welders as there are a lot of boats tring to get last minuit things built. mathue was in themiddle of building and arch promised for the next day.

We have some history with him as he built our wind generator mount and motor lift mount and some davit work etc. He is fitting us in.

Also had to pick up a teak motor mount to hold a 10 hp motor.


Out of all the places to have screens on the boat we thought we had them all covered. Debbie is in the process of making one for the companionway. But at the swap meet Mike and Holly had a couple of dorad screens they gave us. Hmmm, now where else could the little critters get in?
Now to get a coat of red paint on these dorads!

VacuFlush maintance

The VacuFlush toilet got maintained. We replaced the ball valve and the rubber seals over it. These will go on the spares list also.

Back up and flushing.

The list

 Our to-do list is getting hacked almost daily. There are now things we know we are just not going to get done. We have the parts but not the time. For instance we have the LED lights but not the time to convert the rest of the salon lights to LED.
There is only a few weeks left so it is crunch time. We are hoping to take the last week before we leave off from projects and relax before we start out trip south.
 We emptied the storage locker off all the items we cannot take and do not need. We took them all to the Chula Vista swap meet this weekend and buddied with mike and Holley which are heading south also. They have a Catalina 42. What we did not seel we offered for free. We then dropped off some at Goodwill and took the nautical stuff to the free spot at the dock. While at the swap meet we met up with several other cruisers heading south on the Baha Ha Ha, it turned out to be a fun time.
 We also saw Ann Marie and Ralph wo have a Catalina 34 and we had lunch afer the "meet" with them. They decide to purchase our dock steps.
 Mie of Mike and holly offerd us some dive gear which we took them up on for cleaning the bottom.

Debbie's last day at work was last Friday and she is now retired.
 The atmosphere is getting a lot more social and a lot less project minded. Events and parties are amongst the projects now and some weight is being lifted from the project shoulders. One example is the Mermaid 12000 BTU hvac unit. We wanted to bench test it in place in time for it to be shipped back for repair incase something is wrong (see the 5200 install) but that is not going to happen.

Water maker through hull in -done

 Putting in the twater maker hrough hull strainer and connecting it up was a bit more chalanging than we would have thought. The angel through it off a bit and couple different setups had to be tried and there was limited space for a wrench.


We tested the valve out and the straine filled with salt water just fine.
The zink is for the bilge pump strainer end of the hose,