Anchoring LED bow, stern and amidships lights - amidships blue LED light on

It is really sunny out when we took this picture. You can, however, see the blue LED light strips working.. I had to put a yellow rag over the photo sensor to get them to turn on for testing.

January 2018  -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
 This is the plug for the + and - wires that we will install later, this came from the photo sensor as we posted earlier.
 Here is the light system all working and wire tired up for now and until we get the butt connectors then we will finish it off correctly. For now it will be working for our night passages and anchoring.

Mermaid 12,000 btu HVAC unit has been re-ducked - painted and filtered

  This is the HVAC duck I re-purposed. In an earlier post we explained that I have re-ducked the 12,000 btu HVAC. To make the grate look better I painted the 12,000 btu Mermaid Marine Air duck that goes from the unit to the grate from gray to black. 
This was done at our house sitting gig in the underground garage. We stashed our window a/c unit here till we leave and store the car. It goes back in the trunk till we come back this summer and then we sell it when there is a good demand for it.

January 2018  -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
 Freshly painted black, not as flat black as the can indicated but it works..
From gray to now black.
  The new look. Hardly noticeable.
How this grate looked before the duck got painted
and I added the filter foam we purchased.
Now, not the best picture but you can see how it is now, just out of sight
and out of mind until you feel the cold air shooting out or the warm heat.

Anchoring LED bow, stern and amidships lights - amidships blue LED light wiring functional

These deck\anchoring lights are ready to light up
These lights are on the Kyocera Solar KD-135GX 135 Watt 12 VoltSolar Electric Panel on top of the dodger.
We are still helping a friend and are not sleeping on the boat (s\v Elegant'sea) so we have not tested them yet. Any wiring we do we like to be there for at least one full cycle of tests before leaving the boat. 

January 2018  -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
You can see the switch and fuse here.
  We do not have any of the heat shrink or even the non-heat shrink red 22-18 gauge butt connectors.
They seem too hard to find here now so we are finishing the wiring enough to make the lights functional. We just did the wiring that is left, from the photo sensor to the switch and twisted the wires together nd taped them with electrical tape. Also we did this from the switch to the fuse and from the fuse to the power source, the buss down n the lazerett. Later when we get our parts (our friends that we are house sitting for (medical emergency) are bring us some goodies we ordered from the US) we will do this correctly. We also have a water tight connection we got from the photo sensor that we will add to this. That way we can remove the solar panel if need be and everything comes off with it. All this is under the solar panel.

Now there is a matter of wire tying it up and testing it out. We will post the test results and pictures of the lights at night soon. 
 Our first passage out of Mazatlán, Mexico is to San Blas, Nayarit which takes sailing at least all day and all night to get there. For that reason we want these lights working to better help us on deck at night.

Mermaid 12,000 btu HVAC unit has been re-ducked

 This black paint we purchased here at Home Depot in Mazatlán, Mexico. I will spray the gray ducking that shows through the A/C grill. We also ordered some AC filter material from MazatlainAppliances and Services which we can use to cover all but the hose outlet. It will be behind the vent and will hide the rest of the hose etc.

January 2018  -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

 This was only the "Return" vent which is where the air comes into the HVAC to be converted to heat or A/C. It is called the return and if you think about it that is correct. At first though it does not seem right. At any rate the Mermaid 12,000 btu units "Supply" outlet which is by the fan is right behind this vent. This gray hose wrapped around and connected to a "Y" which then connected to a 8" vent and also a 4" hose which connected to two 4" vents. One in the galley and one 4" vent in the salon.
This was the ducking that went to three different vents to cool the salon with the 12,000 btu
This is the 8" vent.- as first installing the HVAC
A 4" vent in the galley.- as first installing the HVAC

As first installing the HVAC
Then there is a 4" plastic round vent we installed in back
of the salon cushions - as first installing the HVAC.
We have decided that this Mermaid AC unit seems to work better with the "Supply" just coming straight out. The air comes out fast enough to easily reach the companionway and push the air in the salon around to get the hot air from the high area circulated to the low area.  This way we do not need a separate fan to circulate the air around the salon. Also the 8" vent was a bit of a problem when seated at the salon table as it blows freezing air on our feet. 
 Now we are using the "Supply" vents as the "Return" vents and the system is working great. Of course it did go to the US with us and got repaired. 
 So as long as the Mermaid Marine Air keeps working, we are pleased!

Cockpit teak grate gets a coat of Teak Wonder

The teak grate got a wash job with soapy water with a small amount of bleach.
The bleach here is old school bleach, straight bleach. I used a green scrub pad and the teak cockpit grate cleaned up nice.

January 2018  -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

 It dried and then I began applying the Teak Wonder. The Teak Wonder leaves the teak so it is not slippery. It stays natural but gets treated and has some nice color. The cockpit grate along with the three steps into the boat need to not be slippery.
I should really do this more often and every time I do it I say that I will but never do.😦
 This little painter's rubber\plastic tool is a great little tool
to keep the Teak Wonder off the gelcoat.
We use some stronk paper towels for most of our project needs now. I think these are Kleenex Premiere Kitchen Paper Towels and are really hard to tear and can last for multiple uses.

The steps are easy now also. Just a cleaning, sweeping, washing then Teak Wonder.
I just apply the Teak Wonder until I am on the companion way steps and then we can get out by climbing onto the lazerett. The Teak Wonder dries perty fast, or gets absorbed fast.
I used to put on more coats but it starts to yellow when too much is applied. Just one coat but it can be done often.
Almost done.
After. Now to do this more often, it is not hard to do😎

Debbie installed some new refer lid seals

These seals we purchased in the US.
While the refer was down for defrosting and cleaning as we are penthouse sitting here in Mazatlán, Mexico Debbie decided to put new lid seals in.

January 2018  -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
The Frigoboat refer has been working even better than usual since we added the filter dryer.