Guitar Fest Zihuatanejo, Volunteer Meeting - 2020

 We went to the first volunteer meeting of the 2020 Zihuatanejo Guitar Festival. Our gig is working three concerts at the merchandise desk. We get special free "T" shirts and passes to all the concerts. It is a fun time!

Teak helm seat arms got filler and a coat of varnish - 2020

It has been a while since we worked on the helm seat arms. While here at anchor in Zihuatanejo I am varnishing the forward eye brow. It needs some filler by a teak plug or two and so do the chair arms. So I pulled them out and mixed up some teak sawdust with some varnish and filled in the areas. 

First Time using Settee Double Bed - 2020

 Bill, who crewed with us, slept here the days before and after the overnight passages.
During our overnight passages, he slept on the settee unopened. Bill has a C&C Landfall 39' sailboat- another Robert Perry design. He wanted overnight-sailing experience and living-on-the-hook experience so he crewed with us from Bahia de Navidad to Zihuatanejo Mexico.

Zihuatanejo SailFest volunteer work for s\v Elegant'sea - 2020

Zihuatanejo SailFest volunteer work was fun, dressed in my "Captain's shirt and hat". It was well liked and fun. Got my picture taken with people!

Zihuatanejo- Flat in a DaNard Dinghy Wheel - 2020

 We got a flat in one of our DaNard Dinghy Wheels.😛 So we took out the tube and replaced it with a spare tube we had. Debbie held one screw driver with the tire out and against the rim. I used our glass hammer and another screw driver to pry the tire off the rim going around it with the screwdriverr.