Bluetooth cockpit speaker purchased - Soundlogic Firefly speaker

Water Resistant Wireless Speaker With Colour Changing Lights
This little speaker works great and was inexpensive. We purchased this at Home Depot, Mexico of all places. Just a special buy and something I had been thinking about. This Soundlogic Firefly speaker pairs right up with our Grtdhx 16GB Bluetooth MP3 Player we purchased a while back.  We got a much better price than what is advertised!

June 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
Here it is connected to our mp3 player and the light is changing.
"Bluetooth compatible with LED colour changing lights Water Resistant 
Connect and stream your music wirelessly
Built in silicone lanyard & rechargeable battery"
We were looking for something small and simple and inexpensive we could have out in the cockpit for some music. Also we wanted a speaker we could hang out of the way. We had been putting our Boise speake we have out there but it takes up valuable space.

Some new buckets for HVAC flushing in Liters

These two buckets we purchased at Home Depot. They are marked off in liters. 
We need 12 liters of water to mix the Muriatic Acid into. We can store the two buckets in with the 12000 btu HVAC unit as there is room. It is nice they are oblong.

June 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
 The HVAC technician (Luis) used this bucket and a 500 gph bilge pump.
The amount of Muriatic Acid to put into the 12 liters of water. 
Now we need the bilge pump, some hose, a cigarette lighter plug and a cigarette lighter receptacle. We have a spare plug. Those are for the bilge pump along with a thumb switch to make it easy to plug it in and turn on\off. We are making progress on these tools for DIY acid flush of the HVAC(s).

New line that we picked a candy store

This line we picked up at Cabo in Bucerias
Some is for the bow line for the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two, a floaty line. Also a floaty line for swimming off the stern steps at anchor. We drop the stern steps and throw out a flat fender and it is tied to about a 20' floaty line so we have something to hang on and also play around with. Another is for our flat small fenders, they need new line and lastly we got some line for the main halyard. We put the main halyard up to the top of the mast protecting the end in a bag and tie a sacrificial line to it so we can get it back down. That way the halyard is not sitting in the sun all summer. So very affordable and fun to purchase.

June 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
They sell line by the kilo. The black fender line didn't even weigh a kilo so we had to buy enough for it to register on the scale - I think it was a tenth!?
This seems like a family-owned and operated business as mother and daughters helped us out.  They all spoke very good English.  We had a lot of fun shopping with their help!

New Outhaul line for inside the boom

Here is\was our outhaul line in the sheave which is on the die of boom. 
This line, as you see, is too big for the sheave. It is not easy to work the outhaul. 

June 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
New line. See how much nicer it fits in the sheve. 
But it is heading aft and I think it should be heading forward?
 We did not stow the line well but we were messing with it.
Ooops! Looks to me like the outhaul block in the boom got put in backwards!
Shows the how the outhaul slides up the boom and is pulled back by the line.
 So, we, of course thought we could do this ourselves.
 What the heck? We had put a tag line on the stern end
 of the outhaul and pulled it through the boom. 
But it got stuck. And what is this hardware?
 Debbie likes rigging and is good at it. 
But we both tried to figure this out and to no avail! 
It was time to call a rigger 😰
So, first thing was to hold the boom up and away from the mast. 
That was done by using a harness we have for lifting our Achilles LSI-310E dinghy up on the side of the boat when we are using our stern anchor and for putting our Ocean Kayak Malibu Two kayak on the fore deck for night passages. That harness you see holding the boom up by the mast.This is Chava, our rigger.
For the end of the boom we used a strap attached to the shackle on the topping lift wire. 
We disconnect the topping lift from the end of the boom so we could get the end cap off. We moved the boom over to the starboard side and put a preventer on it.Then another line from one of the boom side pay day's to the solar panel support to keep the boom from going forward (to the bow once it is disconnected from the mask goose neck.)
 The end of the boom needs to come off.
 This is the sheave at the end of the boom that the outhaul rides on. 
We sprayed all the blocks with McLubeSailkote One-Drop
 The end of our boom.
  The end of our boom.

 This block hanging out of the stern end of the boom goes to the outhaul.
The topping lift line. It rides on a pin, not a sheave.
 First, to help the rigger, I loosened the screws on the front 
of the boom holding it on. I did not want any frozen screws
 to take up his time. Using an impact driver
 and glass hammer on the bottom screw.

There were five screws and no surprises, thank you.
Here's Chava, taking the plate off on the mast-side.
 Here is a good shot of our outhaul.
 We had to disconnect the Garhauer RIgid Boom VangRV-20-1SL from the boom also.
Great photo of inside the boom!
 All done but we may need to re-do-it. We will trim the line 
for length once we use the outhaul a few times.
Looks good, though.

Bringing the Ocean kayak to new slip, from A dock to D dock for Hurricane season

Here I am leaving A dock with a couple of fenders 
and a seat I was not using...heading out between two sail boats. 
We moved slips and had left the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two at our old dock, A-dock. It was easier to just paddle it up the channel. I took the scenic tour..And now no leaks!
June 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
 Came up around one of the islands in the estuary and Crocodile Sanctuary.
 Coming into our boat slip (s\v Elegant'sea).
The Ocean Kayak Malibu Two is back on the kayak racks for now. Later we will put it up on the foredeck for the summer (hurricane season) storage.