Last sail of the season on Banderas Bay

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The final sail of the 2017/2018 season...bittersweet. First stop was La Cruz fuel dock to fill the tank for the summer. Then we headed across Banderas Bay toward Old Town pier. One tack all the way over...lovely day on the water!!

Bomar hatch strut fixed with Helicoil

This Bomar hatch strut was stripped out where the knob screws in.
We sent it to the machine\weld shop for repair. 
They put a Helicoil in it and it's as good as new!

May 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

 This is before, the hatch strut is in place but the knob 
is not on because you can not use it as it is stripped out.
So that leaves this as the only strut holding the hatch up. 
It works but two are better.
Ok, back in action!

Leaking Ocean Kayak Malibu Two - Finding leak

 Some place our Ocean Kayak Malibu Two is leaking. When we bring it back up on the kayak racks the water rushes to the stern and makes it more difficult to bring up onto the racks. We need to find the leak and fix it. Now's the time as it is hurricane season and we are not using it. Here at Paradise Village Marina we can use the ones at the hotel for free along with paddle boards and boogie boards. So it is time to find the darn leak! We have tried once before in Barra-Bahia de Navidad but did not have the time or resources.

May 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
 The shop towels come from AutoZone and 
they absorb water fast so they show water spots fast.
We used up one roll, laying three strips along the dock- 
one under the keel and one on each side.
 Then we propped up the Ocean Kayak Malibu Two with some garden hose, a flat fender and some cans of varnish. This way it would not tip over when full of water. 
 Some laundry detergent was added 
(so a leak would make bubbles) then we added water.
These foot holds are actually sunk into the kayak. The blue tape is how far 
we were able to fill the kayak with water before it would come out the hatch.
 Filled to this point.
 Gotta keep the knees woking so pads for the cement. 
They are our old rollerblading knee pads.
Checking for leaks as the shop towels are dry!
 No leaks so far so we left it and went to our dentist 
appointments to get our teeth clean. Good dentist right here. 
 No leaks yet! Hmmm
We came back from the dentist and no leaks. When we filled the kayak it did not fill all the way. We decided to tip it up and test the stern by filling it up at an angle so it would fill all the way. First we used the Jiggler syphon to get the water out of the kayak and it worked great.
We used the dock box to prop up the kayak.  Then we added water. 
 As soon as the water got as high as the stern handle the leak appeared! 
 The leak is where the line goes through the kayak.
The same here at the bow and it also leaks some at the black vent plug. 
These at the bow are not much to worry about as they are usually not under water...some splashing maybe. The stern however takes a lot of water when I am sitting back there and Debbie is sitting in the front area. Now to figure a fix for these.
Time to call it quits. We went to the VIP movies and saw Deadpool 2..
Deadpool 2 Poster
And Deadpool 2. was fun.

Debbie got some new elastic laces for her Keen sandals

Debbie got some new bungee laces for her Keen sandals. 
Nice that the company has replacements you can purchase.

May 2018 - Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

We cleaned the "Mermaid Condensator" strainer screens on our two Mermaid HVAC units

We cleaned the "Mermaid Condensator" strainer screens on our two Mermaid HVAC units. Gotta keep the bilge dry! (Without this, the condensation would go into the bilge!)

May 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
Mermaid Condensator
Mermaid Condensator
Working on the "Venturi" principle, the Mermaid Condensator is installed in-line with the marine air conditioners water discharge line. As the marine air conditioner and sea water pump are running, the device creates a vacuum effect and literally pulls the condensation water out of the drain pan, merges it with the discharge water, and your condensation is now overboard! The principle here is to leave your boat a "dry boat" by removing all condensation from the marine air conditioners drain pan.

Bucerias car tire art

Amazing car tire art. The artist also has a lot more of this art inside. 
There are planters, swings, of course and birds etc.

Middle of April 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
While house sitting in BuceriasPuertoVallarta, Mexico 
This little restaurant that we were having lunch at was across the street.
Around the neighborhood, we could see some 
of the products, i.e. planters by the new Santander bank!
Wish we had use for something!  A great recycling idea!!

New Honda 2000 case gasket

 This gasket Debbie brought back from the US on her last trip.
The one on the Honda EU2000i is falling appart. 
Next Winter's cruising season this will be replaced.

May 2018- Currently in Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico