New throttle cable (Control Cable) installed - 2019

You can see here where the cable was being pinched. The housing is worn through 
which made it touchy to get the rpm's from our Beta 38 hp diesel engine. 
We had Luis, our mechanic, replace it. Nice to not do this ourselves
 as we usually would have but were short on time.

A bright LED light for our nav station for a pump indicator - 2019

BRIGHTEST Light Bolt - Flush Mount 12V LED Light for Bumper, Grille, Cars Interior, Dash, Ambient Lighting, Motorcycle w/SLEEK Aluminum Housing & Screw Nut (6 mm Black, Red LED)
BRIGHTEST Light Bolt - Flush Mount 12V LED . Yes, we purchased one of these for our nav station. This will tell us if our VacuFlush toilet is cycling. Meaning, if it has lost its vacuum and is trying to create one. That means the pump keeps cycling on\off.  
Purchased from Amazon - Red led light.

Another try at purchasing the right clock for paddle board wake up - 2019

Marathon CL030023BK Travel Alarm Clock with Calendar & Temperature - Battery Included
Previously I had purchased a clock but it is too bright. It looked in the picture as though the light was blue but it turns out it is closer to white. Sooo - guess what, I am getting a different one. The one we have we will use for our house sitting gigs and the new one will be my paddleboarding, SSB early nets, etc. Purchased from Amazon.

Beta 38 hp Diesel engine serial number is K25561 - 2011

Our Beta 38 hp  Diesel engine at the Sunroad Marina Boat Show at Harbor IslandSan Diego, CA 2011.
Per Ethan at Beta Marine in Sausalito, CA 
Ordered - 10/28/2010
Serial Number K25561
October 2010  - At this time we were at Marina Cortez Harbor IslandSan Diego, CA

Purchased some new deck shade - 2019

Alion Home 10' x 10'x 10' Triangle Waterproof Woven Sun Shade Sail in Vibrant Colors (Desert Sand)
This will give us some new deck shade, primarily for the foredeck area. It should cover our stateroom hatch (for nappingšŸ˜‰) and our head hatch. Also, we purchased a rectangular one for the salon hatches. Sails are made from high density polyester that blocks up to 95% of the sun's UV rays and repels up to 99% of rain water.

McNett Sea Drops Scuba and Snorkeling Mask Defog - 2-Pack purchased- 2019

The drops I have are almost gone. I use these for keeping my mask clear when I dive. Yes, spitting in it helps but these work really well for me. I like a clear mask while cleaning the bottom of the boat. Purchased from Amazon.