We have our WSO 100 wind instrument mounted and working!

Driving to Mike's Machine Shop in our 2008 VW Jetta. We know of three machine\welding shops that do great stainless steel work in Puerto Vallarta and all three are on dirt roads. All three are nice shops too!! We are getting a mount made for the WSO 100 weather station we are mounting on top of the mast.

Delta Touch Faucet inspected and working great, was a bit low on the flow

Our Delta Touch Faucet was not letting out the water fast as is usual. 
So following their instructions, we checked it out. We did not find anything but when we put it back together it started working fine! Go figure but we will take it for the winπŸ˜€

Cleaned and replaced Racor fuel filter and wet vac'd the bilge etc

 On the left you see the Racor fuel filter we replaced. We first drained the bowl of contaminants and then wiped out the housing. Then replaced the paper filter. 
 Debbie did the wet vacuuming of the bilge and picked out a nut and some other debris and generally cleaned out the whole bilge area.

New Starboard paddle board 10' leash purchased, old one broke twice!- 2018

OK why would our Starboard Whopper ASAP SUP 
paddle board leash break in two places!? 
Well, we did purchase it in 2014 so it is bit old. We have also purchased a shorter Starboard leash this year but I am not sure how it will work with getting on\off the boat (s\v Elegant'sea). The longer non-coiled leash works great for that.

Marking our anchor chain with paint for length and orientation - 2018

Debbie used Rust-Oleum in a can we purchased in the states. The Rust-Oleum here in Mexico we can only find in a spray can πŸ˜€

Burping our Beta 38 hp diesel motor after flushing the antifreeze - 2018

Our antifreeze is a 40\60 antifreeze mixture and 
I flush it every year. Then I "burp" the motor to let the air out.