New zincs purchased for s\v Elegant'sea

These new zincs will make life easier. We purchased them at Marine Exchange in San Diego when we were there. We will not need to run around in Mexico looking for the correct size. The shaft zinc is 1 1\4 inch and the prop cone zinc is a "C". We have one of each on the boat now. In Mazatlán we do not go through them as fast as south in the Mexican Riviera.

Beginning of September 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
We are currently house sitting in San Clemente, California (North of San Diego) by the beach.

New 5 in 1 Sim Card reader purchased

This card reader reads the older larger SD cards which our Garmin GPSMAP 740 chart plotter takes. Our new Samsung laptop reads micro SD cards so we wanted an adapter for the older larger SD cards. Very inexpensive but a must have for doing routes and viewing charts on the laptop.

Beginning of September 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
We are currently house sitting in San Clemente, California (North of San Diego) by the beach.
You can see the larger SD card (blue) to the right. Purchased at "Fry's Electronics".

Our new Samsung laptop is just what we needed

Our new laptop is just what we wanted. 
It runs Windows 10 and is running Office 2016 just great.
Boots up quick and the battery lasts a long time. It weighs just 2.6 pounds so it is easy to carry ashore. This Samsung NP110S1K-K01US Notebook M SSD Laptop was recommended by Rick and Cindy on s\v Cool Change  who had purchased two of these and said they served them well. We did our own research and came up with the same conclusion. There are more powerful laptops for about the same money but we wanted a solid state drive (SSD) which means there is not a fan. This laptop gives off no heat. Our last lap top gave off a lot of heat and actually affected the Nav Station area where we kept the lap top. Our last laptop a 15" Acer was about 6 years old running Windows 10 (we updated it). Still worked good but was due to be replaced.
 Purchased from "Amazon". We purchased a refurbished one for a savings. 

Beginning of September 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
We are currently house sitting in Ventura north of Los Angeles CA
 Keyboard, I am writing this post on this laptop.
Log in screen

We purchased the rebuild kit for our Whale Gusher Galley foot pump

We purchased this re-build kit from Downwind Marine in San Diego.

Beginning of July 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
We are currently house sitting in Ventura California which is by the beach North of LA.

 We were ablel to get the peddle back into the holes on the foot pump at the last house sit where they had a workshop, although no vice. Now we still need to fing some 1\2 inch hose to test it out. We went to Home Depot but they do not sell just plain hose there. If the Whale Gusher Galley foot pump does not leak when we test it then we are good to go and have a back up re-build kit. Other wise we will need to re-build it.

From Mazatlan to the US, the road trip North

We left on July10 and got to San Diego on July 12, 2017
Departed Mazatlán on Monday morning at 0830. Traveled Hwy 15 Toll Road entire way to border. Debbie and I split the driving.

Middle of August 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
We are currently house sitting in Chatsworth, San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles.
Roads were good until San Miguel, just past toll booth; then switched back and forth from one lane to two lanes, old asphalt to new concrete for both days of travel. Still, the roads were not full of pot holes and sometimes we were on the new concrete highway but almost always one lane each way because of the construction. Looks like construction will be going on for some years to come.

We had our fruit confiscated at the state line between Sinaloa and Sonora. No more fruit snacks.
In San Miguel, a little town along the highway (lots of towns named San Miguel) we found a rotisserie chicken shop in the town...a little pricey, yet enough for leftovers for the evening meal.

Thunderstorm first night in Ciudad Obregon; rain before heading into Nogales, Sonora MX
Hotels: 1st night - Best Western Ciudad Obregon, Sinaloa MX Special Rate 732 pesos, no reservation. Rooms were a bit old but quiet and good parking. For dinner, I had the left over chicken and Debbie had some soup from room service. The free continental breakfast did not consist of much. 

Our 2008 VW Jetta at checkout.

Nice and warm pool in a lovely setting.
Hang out area.
On the road.
Road work.
More road work.
Road work.
Did we say road work!!
We were by Guaymas and it was like the Arizona desert.
2nd night - City Express Nogales, Sonora MX with reservation thru Expedia for better hotel, 1125 pesos, thru Expedia 921 pesos  In Nogales, we tried walking to somewhere close for dinner yet found nothing so we had pizza delivered to hotel - almost as good as room service!

The next day we crossed the border at 6 30 am and were pulled into secondary inspection. We have Mexican license plates and Mexican driver's licenses. Debbie also has a California drivers license. The border agent in the booth said she did not know if we could drive the car in the US but we told her we could for up to a year. She also said we had too much in the car to look through. Whatever the reason, we got sent to secondary inspection. There, the car and us were X-rayed and we were put in a holding area under lock and key. They emptied the car and X-rayed it again and went through everything. Then we were released and on our way.  Because it was so early we were out of there in about an hour so not too bad.

 The first of many windmills!
We were pulled over in Arizona by some guys at a check point in camouflage uniforms. Hard to tell what department they were in as there are so many now. They said after we put the driver window down, "Oh, you are Americans" and waved us on. I felt lucky to be white at that point. So far no more hassles.
California wind mills. It was about 110 deg but the car was cool and ran well.

Our lunch stop was in El Centro (temp 106 degrees) where we found an In and Out Burgers - this is becoming a traditional first meal when back in the States.  Of course it was crowded yet worth the wait.

Traffic wasn't bad until we got into San Diego County.  There was a fire in the East County which contributed to the slow-down. Once past that, we stopped in El Cajon in order to wait for our daughter to get off work so we could meet her and our grandson for dinner.  Then off to North County for our first pet/house sit...and our SoCal adventure begins!!

New Teva sandles purched

OK I wore out my "Teva Men's Tanza" sandals and like them enough to get another pair, size 11.

Beginning of July 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
We are currently house sitting in San Marcos, California (just North of San Diego).
Like new tires? 😏

Mermaid 12000 BTU HVAC epic journey to the US and back - Part 2 the receiving and re-installing

We received our 12000 BTU Mermaid Marine Air unit back from repair. FedEx did not treat it very nicely but the eyeball look did not see anything amiss. The truth will be when we install it and get it running. Will it leak?

Middle of August 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
We are currently house sitting in Chatsworth, San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles
The box is beat up and all but to look at the unit it seems OK but will it leak, lets say no.
We ended up dropping this 12000 BTU Mermaid Marine Air unit off at our friends house Mike and Hiolly in San Diego. They let us keep it in their garage until we head back to Mexico. That's so we do not need to keep it in the car or unload it at each house sit etc. So part 3 will be bringing it back into Mexico and installing it!