Finishing up the bimini with Dot Fastners

End of October 2015 - House sitting at private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico
First off, it is nice to work with plenty of room and nice cold AC. It is summer in the tropics!

House sitting with the boat just outside at the private dock does have it's advantages :)

The bimini work has been an on-going summer project as Debbie had to do modifications due to the reconstruction of the dinghy davits last summer.  See previous posts for details of that and the start of this.

First we used a pencil to mark the holes for punching.
We are installing three more Common sense fasteners.  
We got ours at Keyston Bros.
Some holes were through 3-4 layers of vinyl.
Takes pounding with the mallet hammer from Sailrite.
One down... to go!
Wa La - perfect!!!
These two fasteners will be used for each side
 of the zipper on the revised back shade screen.

Ocean Kayak 8" hatch installed

End of October 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

We found this video on Youtube and followed the instructions plus the instructions that came with the Ocean Kayak hatch for the Malibu Two.

Ready to rumble :)

First we tried the Drummel tool but without the guide, as we do not have one. 

The Drummel was not controllable for cutting the circle so we switched to the jig saw. The jig saw did just fine.

Jig saw.

Wooo there goes part of the kayak!

Using the drummel to sand the edges.

Sanding with the drummel.

Finishing up on the sanding of the edges.

We used the drill to mark a 13\64 hole.. 

First we put some silicone on the drilled holes for sealant.

Morris and Debbie on s\v impulsive lent us their rivet gun.

Then we drilled the hole and marked the second and drilled it.

After using the rivet gun it did not cut off the rivets so we used the drummel to cut them off

Wala hatch installed!

Now we are thinking of how to store items inside the kayak. There is not a compartment so we will need something to hold them and to hold the something. We are currently thinking of cementing tabs inside and wire tying a backpack to the tabs. Then using the back pack inside to store things.

Other hatches do have a small bucket or pouch but we thought that would be too small for our needs.

New inside cover for bimini window to keep sun out 2015

End of October 2015 - House sitting at private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico
The sewing projects continue! (That's the beauty of having a seamstress in the family and the wonderful Sailrite sewing machine!!)

Morris and Debbie on s\v Impulsive came over to play Mexican Train Dominoes and the two Debbie's were talking "sewing projects".  Our Debbie was showing the other Debbie the modifications to the bimini she did from changing the davits (see other post on that project!). Our Debbie said she would like an inside shade for the window (which was installed on the original build for seeing the sail tell-tails as well as the Windex) as the sun shining through can be very bothersome when out sailing or sitting at anchor. It is a little troublesome to put the outside cover over the window as one foot goes on the top of the binnacle and another on the combing. It is a far reach and when tired it really is not safe or when the boat is moving. 

Finished product - here's the process!
The other Debbie said she had one and invited our Debbie over to check it out for ideas how to do one of our own.
Here is the window on s/v Impulsive.
This shows the Velcro roll-up points.
More Velcro roll-up points.
Our Debbie went over to s\v Impulsive and came away with a plan!
She used the existing outside shade 
(which is a little dicey to put on and take off) as a pattern.
This is the Velcro attachment point.
Again, the bimini had to be rolled up 
to fit into the sewing machine in order to sew on the Velcro.
This was interesting - sewing Velcro onto four layers, one being the strata-glass...yet the Sailrite machine handled it like the champ it is!
This is for the rolling up part.
Another Velcro roll-up point.
See all that fabric to the right of the needle!
Here is the window getting sewed onto the bimini.
From the top - we'll rarely see this view!
The top cover.
The top cover pulled back to show the inside cover!
The long end of Velcro to hold the shade in place when we don't want sun.
Rolled up - this is the Velcro that will hold it into place.
This is what it will look like when we 
are under-way or at anchor!

Varnishing the stateroom louvered doors

End of October 2015 - At private slip in Nuevo Vallarta in Banderas Bay, Mexico

 This is the last can of varnish for the season we had to buy - gloss.

So this year we went through a full can of satin along with a full can of gloss with some of another.

Some of the louvers will need to be touched up. 

There are just a few that need some touching up and we can do that separately from the rest of the door. There are just a lot of them and they are long ;)

Next we will varnish the outside frame of the door.

As it turns out I just did the door all at one time. I ended up scrubbing the door sort of with the sponge brush. This got all the spots and there was no holidays. I did create some bubbles we had to deal with. All in all the door looks real good. It is glassy and does not have any runs, at leas that you can see.  

And now for the next one :)

Ended up having to varnish the lovers a couple more times to get them to come out good.

Probably about 7-8 coats to get this door looking good, to me.