Air Breeze wind generator Cam Clam

We had some time so we got the cam clam for the Air Breeze wind generator(WG) wires installed on the stern of the boat.
 We had already don some of these for the solar panels so it was the same routine.

 We centered the hole according to the WG mount.
We put it high enough so we could have a down loop on the wire for water run off.

 We then drilled a hole. Always a scary though. What if it is in the wrong place? :)

Then we used the rubber gasket to mark off the four mounting holes and drilled them.
Next it was sand with #220 and clean up with Acetone and Denatured alcohol.

Then tape up and spread 3M UV 4000 around with a paint stirrer.  
Then do the same with the rubber gasket.
Mount the Cam Clam and screw it in, wala it’s done!

 Of course the clean up and there is a fancy hole.
Where are the wires??

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