Nav station varnish

End of December - La Cruz Anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 When will it ever end, when will it ever…end. Like never….
Yep, doing more varnishing and enjoying it more. Yes actually am because we are putting on less coats. We are doing the high visibility areas so when a spot is done the whole are is looking better. At this time we started to do the trim. The trim is all gloss. We will do gloss I guess until we run out of gloss J The trim makes a big difference so a small bit of gloss trim looks real good. We are missing filters, empty containers, and good sponge brushes. We tried Home Depot for our usual paint filters but they do not carry them here. We are still looking for them here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico.
Still the varnishing is coming good.

Paddleboarding the La Cruz anchorage

End of December - La Cruz Anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Bernard & Becky on M\V Worth Waiting 4 is behind me.

At evening glass off it was time to launch the paddleboard. I did fine and was heading out to John and Jan on M\V Context and Bernard & Becky on M\V Worth Waiting 4 but as I was heading out the seas got more bumpy and was getting tired. I am just not in paddleboard shape and not good at it when the seas get lumpy. So I headed back and only dumped once. Nice sunset and the water is so warm so dumping into the drink is not an issue there but it is with the amount of energy I spend getting back up onto the paddleboard and paddling again. I will get better and it is surprising how much distance I can travel in a short amount of time.

I was trying for John and Jan on M\V Context.
Both M\V came down on the Fobar and both are from San Diego.

Diesel fill cap

End of December - La Cruz Anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Here are a couple pics of water over our diesel fill cap on our deck. Our fill cap is sitting in a big puddle of water. This is we believe how we got water in our fuel. We polished our fuel and sealed this cap up with silicone. This we do not like, the below water fill cap. It would be fine if it was the fresh water fill.
Putting silicone around cap to keep it from leaking.

 Next summer project, add scupper to this area so now puddle of water on top of the fill cap.

Chirstmas Eve Brunch (on land)

End of December - La Cruz Anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Our good friends, Hugo and Barbara on m/v Aussie Made invited us to their friend's condo in La Cruz for Christmas Brunch.  We took the dinghy to the marina dinghy dock then drove the car over to the condo.  We might have been able to dinghy right to the beach in front of her condo however didn't know how to do that and avoid the rocky shore.
From right to left - Pamela and Dennis, Ruth, Barb, Chip then
Bill with his back to the camera.
 From Debbie's condo balcony, here's a good picture of our friend's boat -
m/v Context...Jan and John from San Diego!
Also from Debbie's condo balcony, here's our boat in the anchorage. 
 And another one....see the rocky shore! 
Here's a wider view of the La Cruz Anchorage from Debbie's condo balcony.
 Here's s/v Pied-A-Mer III with Pam and
Eric on board (another taken from the balcony). 
Another from the condo balcony - the entrance of the La Cruz Marina. 
Here's a view to the east from the condo balcony.  
Keith, off camera, telling a story about life in Victoria, B.C.
 Ruth (back facing camera) doing yoga with Barb in
the kitchen.  Hostess Debbie talking with Hugo (off camera).
  Our hostess, Debbie, sharing a story about a long-lost
book of her mother's with Hugo next to her.
  Here is (left to right), Bill, Keith, Debbie and Hugo.
 The "guys" (Keith, Hugo from m\v Aussie Made and Chip) enjoying good food and good stories!
Chip, Barbara and Ruth talking and listening!
Hostess Debbie's condo has great nautical décor - every room
has a lot of good "eye candy"! 

La Cruz Anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico - RAIN

End of December 2013 - La Cruz Anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Just some shots of our anchorage in La Cruz and there are about 30 boats here now.
Today,  (not theses pictures) it has been pouring rain. We went into the fuel dock at the marina to get gas but they are out! Got into the car but is would not start, too wet. We walked to Gekko Rojo's restaurant  and are having lunch and WiFi. Then we go to the Pemex station by cab to get gas and back to the marina. Not how we planed the day but how it will work.
Looking off port. 
 Also to port, was the wind is blowing us at anchor. 
 IP center cockpit and motor sailor that really roles! 
 Deleret that is a bird haven that smells, the red boat. No one anchors close by that boat.

Honda EU 2000i

  End of December - La Cruz Anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We finally did it. We finally broke down and pulled out the Honda EU 2000i generator. It has been a good week of clouds and rain. A couple of nights it was real windy, the type of wind that continually tugs at the anchor snobbier and deck cleats, straining and groaning. The wind a howling and waves slapping the boat. The lighting and rain coming down. The thunder right on top of us so you know the storm was. But there just has been so many clouds our solar cannot recover the batteries if we use them up during the day. That's what was our problem. We were running out of water. we do not have a system to collect the rain water. We tried buckets but a big tarp with a hose in it would work. Not a big deal because we have a Spectra Vetura 200T Water Maker and it has a low draw. Still there is not enough sun to run the water make for say two hours and make 16 gallons of water and then get the batteries back up for nightfall. The days are short and the sun low in the sky.

 We fired up the Honda EU 2000i and then let it worm up for a couple minuets. We then flipped the double pole AC switch at the nav station and then turned on the Xantrex 2000 battery charger. Then we plugged in all our electronics as they were dead or near it J  We also plugged in the trickle charger for the Lifeline starting AGM battery. We could hear the generator ramp up a bit from echo mode and then we turned on the Spectra Ventura 200T Water Maker and the generator ramped up some more. We ran the generator until it ran out of gas. In this case we did not fill it all the way and am not sure how much gas we put in it. The Honda EU 2000i holds .95 gal of gas. We made about two hours water (16 gal). The batteries were on float and all our electronics like out Kindle Fire and Kindle White Paper and the Acer PC along with the rest got charged up or a lot charged.

We later stole some more gas from the dingy tank and for running it that night. That night (last night) we watched a movie on our 27" LED TV using our Acer PC and Bose Soundlink Bluetooth speaker. This time we moved the Honda EU 2000i  from the bow to the cockpit because of the pouring rain. We are not sure how it handles the rain. We closed up the companway doors and flipped the canvas cover over them. The it was not an issue with the noise.

 By the way this is the first time the Honda EU 2000i has been started since we bought it a few years ago!
 So all in all a good experience. We will now need a gas can and some gas for the generator. Also we will keep it out all winter till we summer over then we will drain the gas and store it again under the bed area.

Last year at this time we were in Chamela and it also rained three days straight and we had a big storm there so it looks as though this is the summer rain season?

Ford Ka

12\23\2013 Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay, Mexico

Ford (Ka)

This is really a Fiat made for Ford I think. It has 1300 cc's and has a smaller engine than the 1980 shovel head Harley Davidson we owned for 23 years J But who cares really? Better gas mileage with a small motor and we are evlado (retired) so we are in no hurry J

Hugh and Barb on M\V Aussie Made at Paradise Village Marina set us up with the Ka as they know Mike and Nicole on M\V Sloboda at Paradise Village Marina who had\have the Ka.

Sloboda is a Nordhavn and are featured in the new Nordhavn 2014 calendar in the month of February.

 Barb walked to their boat with us and introduced us. We all were invited aboard had a nice chat. We were un-expectedly surprised that they had paper work for the Ka. We had thought it was a lost cause, drive it till it drops sort of. They also said we can have the Ka as soon as they leave for Cabo, in a week or so. We can try to make it legal in our names. That may not be so easy but at last we now have the paper work including the title and bill of sale. We will check this possibility out and if it looks promising we will start to repair this Ka. All good news and it sure makes life easier especially for my doctor apt.

tick tick tickertape….

Latest news:

"Mike and Nicole plan on heading south mañana and said you can have the car, register it in your name if possible. They would like to use it when they're down here who isn't very often. They'll be gone until New Years and then fly back to Dallas."

4 to 1 - pressure on my joints

4 to 1 is what we read about for the amount of pressure on my joints that is relived if you lose one pound.

So seeing as I lost 5 kilos so far which is about 11 pounds I have removed 44 pounds of pressure from my hips and knees! As I continue to lose weight this will also float the paddle board better!

All good.

Banderas Bay Blast - Three days of racing and (non-awards) Party

Middle of December 2013 - La Cruz Anchorage in Puerto Vallarta Mexico
Two days of racing, we raced to Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay.
The Banderas Bay Blast consisted of:

The Banderas Bay Splash - A ride from La Cruz Marina on either of the two big cats to  Vallarta Yacht Club for a free breakfast and back again, then a water balloon drop and games etc with the party at night with the free drinks and food.
This is a "race-your-home type of race".
There were a few different categories:
  1. Catamarans
  2. Performance cruisers
  3. Cruisers
Pam and Eric on s\v Pied-a-Mer III had to get back to La Cruz (then on to Paradise Village Marina) to pick up in-coming grandkids so we did not stay for day three. There was a dinner/beach party in Punta De Mita (where local school children sang holiday songs) and then the next morning a race back to Nuevo Vallarta/Paradise Village Marina.  Day Three finished with a party at the Vallarta Yacht Club where results were announced (we came in third overall!!).  
The cat was back for more racing, all excited...well she never left, I guess. 
s/v Rhapsody with Alan and Laura onboard
 (and the next photo that follow)
Our captains, Eric and Pam.

No engines but autopilot is OK :)
Crew for this day is Chip, Gail and Eric.
Chip at the helm!
 s\v Shindig, Rob and Nancy.


Even some whale entertainment!

s\v PROFLIGATE  Latitude 38's 63-ft Catamaran
Vallarta Yacht Club staff getting in on the action (with Debbie, Pam, Rachel and Diego)!!
 Guess who!
Captain Chip, of s/v Elegant'sea....Aarrgghh!!!!
Who's this fine pirate-couple?!?!?
On the evening of the third (and final day of racing), the Vallarta Yacht Club had the after party, with the pirate theme to celebrate "Pirates for Pupils".  Funds were raised on this day of racing (with event chairperson Ronnie on Tea Lady) for school supplies for local school children.  8900+ pesos was raised by the racers.
s/v Pied-a-Mer III came in third overall of the catamaran class!! 
What a crew!