Anchor locker LED lights

 Here are some pictures of the anchor locker that we took at knight. They are of the white LED lights and with the same LED lights in red. Seems to work well and light up fine enough to work for raising and lowering the anchor at knight. We have not actually tried it yet and in San Diego it never really gets that dark with all the city lights but this if for south of the border use mainly. A good safety feature also.

Took some of the chain locker but they did not come out focused well.

Hatch pickup

Little called and the hatch was ready from paint. I went and picked it up but there were too many holidays in the paint so I told them to fix it. I paid for it and took the hardware. This will require another trip.

Debbie had ordered some 3M 101 from a web site but they sent another product. We decided to send it back and get 3M 4000 for bedding the hatch 3M 101 has been discontinued.

“3M 4000 UV is a fast cure medium strength sealant. 4000 UV is a one-part polyether sealant that cures to a firm, rubbery, water-tight seal. Excellent ultraviolet light (UV) resistance. Very low odor. Remains flexible. Bonds and seals metal, gelcoat, fiberglass, wood and plastic. Ultra violet resistance makes it ideal for bonding deck hardware, hatches, portholes, railings and navigation lights. Better choice (than 5200 polyurethane) for parts that may ever need removal or replacement, such as transducers. Use 4000 Fast Cure below the both above and below the waterline. ”

600 amp buss install neg

The two 250 amp busses we ordered came in. I put in place one 600 amp buss for the negative side to see where we were going to mount it. It is a bit of engenering. We did not want it on the dash panel we are making because it takes up too much room.

It is a little crooked but it will never be seen. It is close to where the dash panel is going to mount on that piece of teak so it is juts there temporarily until we mount the dash panel.
The – side

One 600 amp buss- 4 - 3/8 connectors -connects the engine ground to the batteries. Connects the inverter\charge to the batteries – connects to the 250 amp buss leaving one empty post..

One 250 amp buss –4\5/16 connectors - connects the anchor windless and connects to the 600 amp buss and a 100 amp buss leaving one posts for the future growth.

Not sure about the 100 amp buss or a ST Glass Fuse Block.


At the moment we are re-in forcing the dash panel so it does not flex. Debbie drilled and screwed a couple pieces of ½ marine plywood to the back of it last night. We forgot to add glue so we will re-do it.

So we are getting closer to getting it set up.

The positive side will be the same but add an emergency shut off switch and a big fuse.

The reason for the lager 4/0 cables and 600 amp buss is because the charger \inverter is not close to the batteries.

The reason for that is the heat and noise. We will be living on the boat in Mexico and south so we do not want the charger\inverter inside the boat. It creates heat and noise. It is worth it to us to spend the extra $$ for the heavy equipment to keep the unite out of the living space.

Sink area

We are currently varnishing the oak trim on the sink are and the trim around the drawers. We have two drawers done and are also working on the other two at home.

We are prepping the seat the start of the varnishing.

Chain locker door

We finished of the chain locker door and the trim around it. Nice to have the door back on!

I lost some screws so for now it is just on with a couple on the outside and a couple on the inside hinges and latch :)

Oak trim

Got some more teak and oak varnished. When we bought the boat we did not know that teak and oak trim was an option when they were made. I have read in the forum where a person did not want any oak in the boat as they liked all teak. We did not even notice the oak when we bought the boat. I would and my wife say that you may want to re-consider the oak as we find it most pleasing. It brightens up the boat a lot and adds a nice contrast to the teak.  It would not be a deal breaker either way but I think we would chose the oak trim if we were purchasing the boat new from what we see now.
 Here is some oak trim we just finished varnishing

New furler cleat

We installed our first of three new cleats this Saturday. The SS cleat looks so nice. It is actually easier to use as the line just slides around it instead of catching on the corrosion etc.
Actually we want to get two for the stays as well making it seven new cleats.

Teak insert

We had a piece of teak made to cover the two spots on the bulhead.
This shows where the old light was and the teak had been oiled before by the PO. It is very doubt full we could match it and seeing as we want to cover the whole above the light also we will cover both spots at the same time. Then mount a fan there.
We do and or did not like the light so it is a good opportunity to remove it also.

We then channeled the bulkhead out using a drummel tool and the wires fit in nicely. This was easier than I thought it was going to be as the wires had enough slack to ,move them out of the way. They are not accessible inside the teak trim so if the get damaged it could be a real problem.

The teak insert is only a ¼ inch thick so the channeling could not be done there. The reason is that the one piece of molding coming of the top of the door to the headliner is not very thick. The rest of the molding is thicker. Any way it looks good.

The piece of teak that we had made fits the space really good, after some sanding. It took some sanding with 80 grit paper to get the teak to fit.

We then drilled a hole through for the wires.

It is a bit crooked at the bottom so I will sand the bottom to be straight across.

We then will teak oil it to try to match it with the surrounding teak,

Then clean the teak in that area and vanish it.

Made by:
C.S. Ferguson (Shane)
Custome Woodworking
1095 Scot Street
San Diego Ca
Shop 619 224 7544
M 619 884 6474

Replacement Hella lights

We received the new Hella replacement LED running lights.

Now when to install them. Looks like it will be couple of weeks as we are going anchoring this weekend and we do not work while at anchor. No projects get worked on. Just relaxing.

Sailing 092610

Joe and I went out sailing on Sunday. There was not any wind until we got to the end of the Point Loma. We motor sailed till then. We then pulled the jib out as the main was already up. The wind picked up to about 18 knots. It was surprising as it was forecast for light winds typically 10 knots and less. It settled in at about 12-14 knots for the remainder of the day. The swell was about 3 feet, nice calm sea. We sailed out past the outer buoy to San Diego Harbor and beyond. Sailed for a couple hours had some lunch and then sailed back. At one point we had jackets on. The water temperature is about 61 to 68 and the wind coming off the water cools you right off.
We are getting a record heat wave so the nice cool sail was great!

We left at about 11:30 am and returned about 5:00 pm.

The pictures are of Joe at the helm and I getting ready to raise the main as we slowly motored to windward. A friend of Debbie’s’ and mine came by in a motor boat and snapped some pictures.

My wife Debbie was in a nearby restaurant with her sister and our daughter and some girl friends celebrating her sisters 50th birthday. They also got a few photos but were at a much greater distance away. Small San Diego world at times.

It’s the bird shit!

It’s the birds! Those dam black birds. The dam things are taking up too much of my time! They are making a mess of the boat and there seems there is nothing I can do that stops them. After just a couple of days this is how our boat looks. I tried to cover as much as I can but still make it not too much work covering and uncovering.

At least they are seasonal, they like the cooler weather so this year they are back early Wa Wa.

 The beige canvas I had just put down when I arrived at the boat. A few hours later they had already shit on it. The deck was not covered before and the stain, that red stain from their shit is way hard to get off. Dam birds.

Bow anchor and cahin lockers

We finally almost finished off the anchor locker and chain locker.

We have a couple small items to do. A couple places in the anchor locker need a little gel coat repair. These two areas are from the PO storing a Davenfoth anchor in the locker and it rubbing through the gel coat into the wood.

Also want to put a SS scoop on the door to cover the hole made for the anchor CQR shaft by the PO. This will keep out big wave water, just in case.

Also we re-did the chain to payday line and want to put some liquid whipping on it because we do not want to remove it then whip it then re-install it etc.

The old set up for the line is shown in this photo.

That’s about it.

And also need to label the two fuse holders.

Shows light on in red and white and the cover for the houser pipe off for light and air.

Bed lights

Under the storage cabinet in the bed are there was a florescent light.

The storage cabinet has the dorad vent pipe that flows to the bilge. I think when you put the blower on it sucks air in from the dorads. There is some room left for storage item or whatever.

Any way we are going to replace the old light with two LED reading lights and a couple of fans. First we need to varnish. But even firsterer (is that a word?) we need to fill the holes, five of them, ok four we did one.

 Went to Downwind and got some teak plugs for the holes that were from the light.

Laying on the bed looking up under cabinet

The one for the wire (in the center) I plugged with a teak plug. The four screw holes I will need to drill out to get them to a plug size. Then teak oil the area that has never been oiled and then try to sand, clean and match the area up with the surrounding teak. Sound simple hugh :)

Bomar stateroom hatch parts to RW Little for paint

August 2010 San DiegoCA
Monday I cleaned the two hatch pieces. I used a wire brush and a knife. It takes about an hour or more to do and is a messy job. I did it on the dumpster at work. The bead blasting will bounce of the rubber sealant on the hatch and so that needs to be removed. Plus if you do not want to depend on the workers at the shop then you (I) clean them up best I can before I take to them.

I also masked what I could with blue tape on the hardware. We went round and round to paint or not to paint the hardware. We are glad we chose to paint it.

Now I still need to clean the gasket for the hatch. That I use a wire brush, knife and lacquer thinner.
There are two washers per hatch that we do not piant.
The pins in the picture also do not go to paint, they get replaced.

All the screws that came out of the hatch also get replaced.
I did get some new bolts but I could not find ones exactly like the old ones so I used the old ones as they have a spacer and are a better grade. We just have the ends painted.
I dropped the off the two hatch pieces and the hardware at  R.W. Little Co here in San Diego foe bead blasting and  a two part white marine paint.