Porthole project

About the time we were finishing the toilet project we started the porthole project. We bought six tinted portholes, stainless steel ones from Newfound metals. We also purchased the teak spacers and screens. This was going to be a long and time consuming project for us. An of course if that is not enough we started on the hatches also.
Again if you want any info on these projects please let us know. We have lots of pictures and info. None of our new portholes leak!
We put ten coats of varnish on the spacers.
We followed these instructions to the letter.

These pictures do not really show how much time and energy that went into removing th eold ones and putting in th enew ones.
To remove the old ones:
  • To remove the old ones:

    Remove all the screws. I saved the screws for other projects.

    Carefully pry away the outer ring. Be careful not to damage the gel coat liner. If I can remember I think I went around the inside of the ring with a putty knife to free that part.
    Also the outside of the ring. Slowly pry it free.

    Now go around the port hole with the putty knife to free it up. It will free up and you can push it in. As it starts to free up go inside and check that it is free from the headliner. Be careful here so you do not rip the headliner.


Removing old port hole

This was outr firts port hole install. We did not cover with brown paper and it was hell cleaning up the buttle from the deck. Got some on th ehand rail canvas and it never came out.
Installing tow at a time
Cover everything! Find a rubber tool that the buttle does not stick to (kitchen)

3M 101 ozing out from out side cover plate

Stuffing buttle

We used a piece of plywood to cover the hole to keep the elements out when left over night

Out side ring with buttle arround holes
The old and new

Doing two at a time. This we did on the last two.
Notice one port hole is completley missing.

On this one you can see some water damage but none of the port holes leaked into the cabin top. It was all from the inner port hole not sealing to the other. The dogs were broken and not tighten down and the seals were shot.
Looking good!

New Life lines

One of the first things we did was replace the life lines.
We replaced the lifelines and gates and put nice new pelican hooks on them. They are so nice and easy to hook and un-hook and do not jab you like the old ones with the springs sticking out.