New Ritchie LED Red Compass light - Installed and working

Our Ritchie Compass light went out as we posted before and we bought a new LED one.
I cut the old one off by the compass housing hole and then attached the new LED red Ritchie replacement light to those wires. 

December 2017 -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
Not quite straight forward but not difficult.
The red wire from the LED Ritchie new light attached to the white wire from the old Ritchie light. There is no bracket or way to set the new RED LED's (two led red lights) in the housing where the black light cover is. Not like with the old light.
I just positioned the LED red light circuit board where the old one went and screwed the black housing cover back on. They stayed in place and work well. 
I used liquid electrical tape and then put electrical tape over that. They also are not exposed to water but I am sure salt air will get in the area. The conections are safely sealed.
Ya Man!

Filter Dryer for FrigoBoat System (Refer/Freezer) installed and works well!

This Filter Dryer from "Coastal Climate Control" installed which we thought we would use as back up if we needed it. As it turns out we had trouble when we got back from the US and were recomissioning the boat. That meant we needed to install it.

December 2017 -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
That meant we had to remove the pesky propane locker. As a side note we have decided that next summer (we are staying in the mountains in Mexico) we will build a new propane box, smaller for one composite cylinder, hopefully 😖
This box is a real pain to get in and out. 
 Debbie climbs in!
 Debbie is taking out the propane box brackets so she\we can work in the area of the lazerett.
The instructions. This is plug-and-play and worked as advertised.
Frigoboat did a nice job with this system we think.
"Filter Dryer" to be installed.
One of the connector ends was pointing in the opposite direction from where we needed it to be. That meant we must move the coil of hose we had against the hull by bending it. That coil is the extra tubing from the Evaporator plate,
 We had to be careful not to kink the hose.

One fitting on the "Filter Dryer" goes to keel cooler.
This Fitting with the arrow pointing to it needs to be going up, not down.
 Survey time.
We, of course, installed our Frigoboat system after building our refer\freezer
and so we have the knowledge of how it all is working and set up.
Debbie with the wrenches on the nuts and re-connecting the fittings.
Debbie with the wrench disconnecting the conection to the keel cooler.
 We do not remember the sizes of the wrenches. They are Metric and one we did not have so I am thinking it was a #18. The big "Crescent" wrench (adjustable) was hard to work with but got the job done.
 Debbie making the connection "finger tight" now, as instructed in the directions..

 Here I am bending the tubing to the evaporator plate so it will match up with the filter dryer.
Next I bent the tubing to line up with the Filter Dryer fitting.
Debbie removing the dust cap from the filter dryer.

Essentially you disconnect the keel cooler connection to the evaporator and connect the keel cooler there. One end of the filter dryer to the keel cooler and one end of the filter dryer to the evaporator plate.  Note the black arrow on the big copper part - it's going in the correct direction...YAY!!!
This is now all done and the filter dryer stopped any problems we were having with the coolant freezing up. And it did that right away.
Back to blissful freezer with ice cream and a nice refer box. 

New Bemis toilet seat (Bemis Complete Toilet Seat System)

We have been wanting to get a new seat for quite some time. In Mexico, or at least in 
Mazatlán and in the Puerto Vallarta area, they seem to only sell seats with a space in the front. We wanted the whole seat. Also, seats are not popular there as they consider them un-sanitary. The same in Europe. Also the water is hard and the chemicals they use to clean the bowl destroy the plastic seats. Most gringo tourist areas\Marinas have seats and we grew up with them so we are keeping ours. Also I suppose in the tropics it is not a hardship to sit on cool porcilian bowl😰 This new Bemis seat was purchased from Home Depot 1002082996. Bemis #7M202LOW 000.

November 2017 - Tied up in Marina Mazatlán, Mexico
We are currently house sitting in University Heights, San Diego CA
With old seat. Our toilet has a round bowl.
We love the slow close as we keep our lid closed. So after using the seat you simply flip the top and walk away and it quietly closes nicely. Our current one we have had for some years and it still closes nicely. Also if you do leave it up on a passage it does not slam shut if you tack etc. it just slowly and quietly closes. Our new Bemis seat is nicer than the current one but essentially the same.
 Our old electric tooth brush Oral-B had a blue led charging light that was on all the time and it served as a night light. Our new Oral-B Pro 3000 does not have a light like that, it only shines when it is charging which is not that often.  Sooo a night light like the one shown will work great for us as the toilet is behind our head door and the light will not be seen unless you actually go into the head and close the door to use the toilet.
And yet more parts checked off the US buy list for the next cruising season on s\v Elegant'sea!

December 2017 -  Tied up in the El Cid Marina Mazatlán, Mexico

 We have installed the seat and light and it has been working as advertised. Very comfy and smooth places for cleaning and the light removes for cleaning easily also. The light is just right bright-wise and will work especially good on overnight passages etc. All good.
Our new Bemis seat with red night light.