OK ice cream it is!

OK ice cream it is!
 We loaded the freezer with some ice cream. First we made it a sub zero freezer. We set the temperature at – 3 I think it was as ice cream needs to be between -5 and 0.0 degrees or close to that. I thought it was 0 to 5 deg but I was wrong.
 The freezer had no problem getting there, it marched right down to -5 deg.
 It holds that temperature just fine. It is about 66 deg out though.

Opening the magic box

Plop goes the first ice cream!

The food barley reaches the evaporator plate which is 10" high! 

We put in two tubs of ice cream and a bag of pees and a bag of corn and a couple boxes of imitation meat. That hardly made a dent in the freezer room.
 We will use this freezer for some time before deciding on the next two inches of insulation on the lids.

We also added some more refer goods

 Time for ice cream! 
Debbie served up piping cold ice cream with cereal on top!

Yu gotta love it!

Man this is good stuff!

SHURflo 5.7 extreme water pump support

OK another attempt to fix our SHURflo 5.7 extreme water pump resulted in some good information from SHURflo support.

5900 Katella Ave.
Cypress, CA 90630
Phone: 562-795-5200 or 800-854-3218
Fax: 562-795-7564
Email: customer_service@shurflo.com

SHURflo support said our 5.7 gal water pump is too big for our boat. It is trying to push 5.7 gal of water through the small plastic water lines we have and is one of the reasons it is cycling. 

  Pedro said to return it and purchase the “Extreme™ Smart Sensor™ 4.0 Fresh Water Pump 12VDC” and it would work better (looks the same). Model # 4901-0211 Aftermarket Marine with 3 year warranty. He said ME could get a RG2 for the return.

 Also we need to replace the small water lines coming from the water tanks. This is a project we have already purchased the parts for and is on the list. It will get bumped up.

Looks like we will remove the water pump and replace those water lines and then replace the pump with the “Extreme™ Smart Sensor™ 4.0 Fresh Water Pump 12VDC”. We will return the pump to ME for a 4.0.

Yellow diaphragm 

 We are also buying a Drive Assembly 94-030-02 for the old  RV SHURflo 5.7 extreme water pump we mistakenly bought not knowing it was an RV pump.

This part (Drive Assembly 94-030-02) includes a new diaphragm which has at least one hole in it.

 SHURflo support said the reason it failed was the small intake water lines were cause a vacuum and work the diaphragm too hard and that that the time frame is about right as it will last about year or so and then fail. 

 They also suggested we could go with an accumulation tank and a diffident style pump. 
 For space savings alone we think a “Extreme™ Smart Sensor™ 4.0 Fresh Water Pump is our best option, at least we will try it first.

 Because we were concentrating on finishing off the refer we have put off fixing this pump situation. We used the breaker switch turning off and on the pump each time it was needed. 

 That in turn just caused the breaker switch to fail. JD at Downwind marine came up with an original replacement for the 15 amp water pressure breaker. We had to hijack the blower breaker for the frees water pressure pump. Now to replace the breaker also :) But hay, we got a working refer!

SHURflo 94-030-02 Extreme 5900 Series DRIVE ASSEMBLY

Just ordered a new Shurflo 94-030-02 Extreme 5900 Series DRIVE ASSEMBLY for our 5.7 RV pump which is going to be a backup fresh water pump now. This will finish off the rebuild of the pump parts.

Ordered it from argorv.com.
Invoice number is I00478
(800) 527-4662

 Extreme 5900 Series DRIVE ASSEMBLY

Refer running!!!!

It is Sunday and the big day has arrived! 

We plan on firing up the freezer and unloading the coolertron contents into the refer and then retire the coolertron!

 We had a blueberry pancake breakfast and then fired up the freezer by putting in the freezer thermostat fuse. The compressor fired up and on 110 volt shore power!

 After the temperature got down to 12 deg which did not take long we fired up the refer thermostat by installing the fuse. The refer took much longer to get to temperature. We went to the spa at the Kona Kia Marina which we are members of and did some needed relaxing in the Jacuzzi and steam room, we skipped the gym.
 Once back at the boat the refer was at temp and the freezer was at temp. It seems the compressor is not running that much but that is yet to me analyzed.

 Using our handy dandy laser temperature tool we kept checking the temperature of the lids and they remained consistent with the outside temperature. 

It was about 70 deg in the boat and the lids and other counter tops were all within a couple degrees of each other. The stove top being the wormiest. The counter by the sink was cold as there is storage under it.  It was obvious to us that the lids were doing their job with the seals in place and the DBB keeping the cold in. The temperature being what it is this test is not the final say. In Mexico it may get a 100 deg so what will be the inside temperature of the freezer? How hard will the compressor have to work to keep it?

 We are thinking of stepping in the DBB insulation on the lids and adding another two inches. First before we fiber glass and epoxy paint eh DBB we will determine how much freezer space we can afford to give up for the added two inches of DBB. At this time it seems we have more than enough freezer space.

Debbie loaded the contens of the collertron into the refer and it hraly made a dent in the amount of space. The  collertron was packed to the max.

Here come the collertron! 

 Ready to unload, the end is in sight!

And there is another item!

Out it comes!

 Not much left
Our first refer items

 Top shelf slid forward
Still plenty of room!

 We have been without a refer on this boat for three years! We have lived aboard for six months without a refer. On the darn collertron!
 Many trips to the cockpit for food out of the collertron as it is noisy and takes up space in the salon.
 This is one of those times where words just do not express how satisfied we are and how happy we are to have this bit of creature comfort!

And then there was installing the brass stove guard back into place!

 Yes it is a handy little item.

 We could not keep frozen anything so nothing went into the freezer.

It is so nice to have the counter space back as Debbie said.

 Because of all the prep work Debbie did each time we worked on the refer\freezer the whole galley area stayed nicely intact. Nothing got gouged up or stained. We did end up with some epoxy on the teak bulkhead over the refer. That should sand up and not be noticeable when we varnish the area.

  It also makes the boat a much nicer place without all the refer construction.

 We still need to tidy all the wiring and tubing up. We need to do the final install for the thermostats and trim some wires. We need to finish the refer lid insulation on the refer side and fiberglass all the lids inside and epoxy paint them.
 The refer lights still need a hooking up but we are just basking in the glory of the home sweet refer working!!

 But we finally have a working refer!!!!!!!

 Tonight we are going out shopping for some freezer stuff and getting ice cream! We will drop down the freezer temperature to 0 deg and check it out!

Purchased the IMTRA Majorca LED Courtesy Light

  We just ordered the IMTRA Majorca LED Courtesy Light for our galley.
 We currently have a refer gauge that the PO installed on the teak bulk head over the refer.
It is no longer functional or needed. There of course is a hole there and that hole needs something so this light will be it. We will wire it to a switch behind the bulkhead that will be next to the refer light switch.
We purchased this from yachtlights.com. We chose the worm white light color.

    The Majorca LED courtesy light features fully sealed electronics and a 316AISI stainless cover plate. Despite its flat profile, it is completely surface-mounted for ease of installation. Its style & size are an excellent match for today's larger yachts and megayachts. Its low profile and indirect illumination makes it ideal for stairs and walkway lighting. For a slight variation on this design, please consider our Valencia model.

    Features & Benefits:

  • AISI 316 stainless steel bezel
  • Sealed & potted electronics
  • Convenient surface-mount installation
  • Indirect non-glare illumination
  • Miniscule power consumption
  • Integrated constant-current driver
  • Up to 50,000 hours life

The refer final refer\freezer prep

Saturday we finished off the freezer tops so we could use the system.

 This turned out more engineering than was anticipated. What’s new?

 We had previously cut the back refer Dow Blue Board (DBB) to fit but it needed some more custom fitting. We also decide that because the tops got so cold we really needed to install the other freezer lid DBB. That meant making up another custom piece of DBB. The stuff also makes a mess. After lots of shaving and cutting we got both pieces close.




More fitting

More shaving

More shaving!

Debbie cut and installed the seals for the lids

The two freezer lids sitting on the settee with the DBB sitting in place

Not perfect yet as there needs some final pieces to fill the voids.
Ready for gluing though

Debbie made some templates and figured out the DBB placement on the lids

Glued up and being pressed into place

 During this time we placed a piece of DBB into the lazzerett lid opening on the refer side as this is no getting used at the moment. 

This will be the last lid to get done. We did put the rubber lid seal all around it.

OK this is all done and we will let it cure up and on Sunday morning fire up the refer\freezer for it’s intimal use!