Cap rail caulking

We got some cap rail caulking done with the 3M 4000 UV. The caulking started to get a little messy as my hands got messy. What we did came out good though. We need to quit early as we were off to dinner with some dock mates who are leaving this Saturday to go cruising. First they are headed up to Newport to see some friends and then to Mexico.

First coat of paint on propane locker!

Debbie finished up painting the propane locker and one more coat will do it.
This is the two part epoxy paint we bought from Pro-Line Paint Co.

Pro-Line Paint Co.

2646 Main St.
San Diego, CA 92113
Tel: (619) 231-2313
Fax: (619) 232-3703

Salon Windows - current

Here are a couple more videos of our current salon windows on a sunny day.

Refer painted!

Wow does the refer look good now. We spent at least three hours sanding the refer, the both of us at the same time were sanding away.

Me sanding away

Done sanding

ready for paint

 We scraped some epoxy off the top edge with a chisel and vacuumed and sanded and vacuumed. Finally we were done with the sanding. This took much longer than I thought it would. Debbie had a better handle on how long it would take and was not surprised. 

Lazerett side

From the lazerett

Next time we will use a better brush for cutting in.

After we got it prepped for paint Debbie mixed up the epoxy two part paint and painted the refer and with the left over painted the propane locker. 

From the galley side

I did not paint. Debbie did and got none on her, how I got paint on me well???

We ran out of paint. Not enough left over to do the job either. The refer needs a second coat and the propane locker is only painted on the inside.

Debbie will use what’s left of the epoxy paint to finish off the propane lockers first coat.
Well now need to do a light sanding and re-paint.

Then it will be buy more paint and put the second coat on.

The new bilge pump (Whale Gulper Bilge IC Pump) arrived

The new bilge pump arrived. The Whale Gulper Bilge IC Pump Kit. We got it from

We will switch out the fuse for a blade fuse. 

It is stowed away till we can get to installing it and the new through hull and valve. 

Solar panel and fasteners etc

We picked up a bunch of fasteners at “United fasteners” in San Diego for the solar panels.

We also found some mounts to use from the SS 1” rail to the aluminum flat bar. They are from "Sea Dog" and we got them at Downwind Marine. I think we got 6 packs.

And we got out last solar panel.
Now to start putting them together.

 Taking into consideration of the Garhauer motor lift and the Air breeze wind generator we measured for the solar panel fit on top of the bimini.

We measured 6 ½ inches to the center of the SS 1” cross bar on the stern of the solar panel and 5 ¼ inches from the front to the SS 1” cross bar. That is where the aluminum flat bar will be fit too.

Air Breeze Wind Turbine purchased

We purchased the Southwest Wind Power Air Breeze Wind Turbine Marine 160W 12V.

We purchased it from and it is being shipped.

Southwest Windpower
AIR Breeze
Small Wind Turbines

Renewable Energy Made Simple

AirBreeze wind turbines

The most powerful wind generator in its class.

The all-new Air Breeze. quieter, more efficient, and precision engineered to deliver more energy at lower wind speeds than any other wind generator in its class. Air Breeze is the next generation of Air wind turbines.
Features of the Air Breeze Wind Turbine
• 3 year warranty
• Durable composite blades
• Microprocessor-based smart internal regulator with peak power tracking
• Aircraft-quality aluminum alloy castings
• Brushless neodymium alternator
• Maintenance-free — only two moving parts

Propane locker paint started

 When Debbie painted the refer she also painted the propane locker (PPL). We had only enough pain to do the inside of the locker. It will also need a second coat, the whole propane locker once the first is finished.

I had to do a little touch up sanding first

PPL ready for paint

First coat on the inside

 Because we have so much to do yet under the cockpit sole we are in not any big hurry to finish this project as it is of the lower priority type. A little movement is always good and the paint job has kind of been holding up the rest of the inside guts getting installed. Once we have the PPL painted we can start installing the regulator etc. Also the shelf needs a change of brackets but first the refer components need installing. It will be easier than removing the PPL all the time to do work.

 We also filled the composite PP tank. It took 2.89 gal. So with both filled we will have almost 6 gal of PP. Should last a good while. The tank filled is a bit heavier than we had imagined. Glad we went with the two composite tanks instead of one 5 gal tank. It will be much easier to handle on a buss in Mexico and in the dingy.

We are mounting the composite PP tank on the stern and have sold the #6 aluminum tank along with Mr Heater to a dock mate. It is a bit heavy when full for mounting on the rail (the composite tank full).  You can see the #6 aluminum tank on the rail under the Sunbrella cover we made for it. We also made the bracket that holds the tank to the rail. Sold them along with the heater etc.