Varnishing while house sitting - continued ......

7/29/2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
We are in Bucerias house sitting.

After another round of sanding with #320 this time we varnished with satin, the second and last coat.

Debbie is putting up a couple wire baskets for storage under the sink. 
We got these some time ago but never put them up. Anyone doe that :) Any way we have not really any need for them but figured while the louvered door is off why not stick them up. Debbie put a glass of water in one to make them level by looking at the water.
See the teek to the right of Debbie, that tong piece we did with satin and I had a heck of a time doing it without runs.

Seems like this louvered door project will not be finished before we move back on the boat. 
Not a big deal to have one piece to deal with. We have here one coat of gloss on the frame, the door may need a couple more coats also, it has at least 3-4 coats now.

This area now has two coats of satin and that it. Looks good. The varnish will help keep the dust, dirt and other crud from getting into the wood. A damp cloth cleans it off.

The louvers are in gloss to match the door, the rest is satin.

Next will be the top oak edges and the oak fiddles, they will be done in gloss and after we take a break! 

 We had some guests come on board and they said even with the amount of teak on the Islander Freeport and the windows covered with insulation our Islander Freeport seemed light, open and airy. We did have are large hatches open I think. 

Drinking glasses up-grade

End of June - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

 We stopped at Cosco to get some new yellow rags and also (does this not always happen) found something we could use. Some new plastic glasses. 

Now there are 12 to a box, there are only two of us :)
So of course we purchased them. They are OK and I think will be stable enough. That means the base is large enough to make the glass not too tipsy. We liked them mostly because of the size. They hold enough so we do not need to make a lot of trips to the galley (so far away) to get more water or whatever. Really though is you are digging in the refer for cold water how many times do you need to do that from the cockpit?  A few glasses of water will meet the daily requirement. 

As for the dots well they are happy looking. Plain would have been my choice but that was an 18 piece set and we would not use the scotch size tumblers for anything. 

 We did look in the GalerĂ­as Vallarta Mall at Liverpool Department Store and found nice sturdy glasses we liked but each glass was over $8.00 USD!

Varnishing while house sitting - continued ......

6/29/2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
We are in Bucerias house sitting.

A trip to the boat to prep and varnish the galley area and head door frame before we move back on.
Lots of cleaning with TSP and sanding etc getting ready for the varnishing using satian.

We had to put a tak plug in the second drawer frame as it was missing and has been since we owned the boat. One of those things was never gotten too. Simple task but just not got on the list :)

Of course under and around the stove needs doing also. This area adds up to be a lot of space.

We wil do the piece of teak on the shelf to the left in gloss as you see it when you open the luvered door by the sink.
We taped up and then the varnishing begins. We needed a light as the sunlight was not enough from the companion way doors. We have the AC running and the windows cover with insulation. We do have the two lights over he stove and big overhead light over the galley but it still is not enough to any runs in the nicks and cranns.

Starting to look clean anyway.

The reason I have shied away from doing the large flat vertical area is the runs. The satan seems to run when I did the settee area and we looked at a Islander Freeport for sale once that the teak was varnished but it had runs all over the place. It was awful looking. Now I think maybe my problem was I used a sponge brush not a bristle brush. I was waiting till I could get a technique down for doing the satian. By mistake I forgot the sponge brushes so I used a bristle brush this time and wala no runs! Lets see how this does on the second coat! We may have the technique.

Debbe was working on the head sink louvred door frame.

Varnishing while house sitting - continued ......

6/25/2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico
We are in Bucerias house sitting. 

The hinges to the settee louvered door were in real bad shape. 
Lots of rust and the finish was coming off.

This is after we put these to the bench grinder\wire brush.

Not going to get any better unless we powder coat or paint or replace.

We once tried to replace the hinges on a cabinet door in the head. Drill and fill and a real pain in the butt. These exact hinges are 30 or more years old and are not made any more. There are some close ones but the holes for the screws are just enough off to make it a real pain.

Spray painting from a Home Depot can of brass colored spray paint..just hoping.

We were surprised how good they came out. Looks like brass.

This little lost chick came in the garage for a visit. I like chicken but it 
is bit too small :) We shooed it away.

Debbie painting the screws to the hinges as they were beyond refurbishing.

By the garage door, a painting of the animals that live and have lived 
here. Hay wait where is my face!
Notice the halo on top of the one cat, R.I.P.

Down the street.

Bottom job was a good experiance

6/26/2014- Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

Every one from the shipyard people to the bottom job people were nice and laughing all the time.

Our boat back at Paradise Village Marina. Showing our new water line.
The stern will squat down a bit during the cruising season as we constantly have the dinghy with the outboard on it hanging off the davits. Also the Air Breeze wind generator will be mounted again as we are working on repairing it. 
We did not choose a boot strip because we wanted the solid paint for easier cleaning while cruising and usually there is gel coat between the boot strip and the bottom paint, plus the extra $$. Now we are a work boat, house boat,and cruising boat not a yacht club boat or a race boat so this is just what we wanted for the type of boat we are.
Old autopilot compass spot, the ring.
This is an older picture of the speed paddle wheel before it was removed and
 the 3/4 inch thru-hull was added. This was before we cleaned up the wiring etc.
Our new 3/4 inch Spectra Watermaker thru-hull with valve.
New 3/4 inch through hull for the Spectra Watermaker
This will make the thru-hull to the Spectra Watermaker run about ten 
feet closer and so it will be easier on the water maker pump.
Jose putting on the screen\scoop over the Spectra Watermaker thu-hull.
Wow, good thing we are not a race boat with all this drag :)
 There were over 100 blisters. Only 15 of them new. The rest were the old blisters that the repairs were coming loose. They did a nice job of scraping and grinding off all the loose paint and blisters etc. Bottom line (pun intended) is we will need to strip the bottom and barrier coat the next bottom job. That will be in at least three years though, remember we clean our our own bottom and can make it last. Our new cleaning tool is a real diaper. We have had the boat over five and a half years and have sailed it thousands of miles and when we bought it it needed a bottom job. We have not sunk because of blisters or lack of paint :)

90 deg and 66% humidity got boat back

It is 90 deg F and feels like 109 deg F. The humidity is 66%.
We brought our boat back from getting a bottom job today. Our Islander Feeport 36' sail boat looks great!

We are in Opequimar Boat Yard for a bottom job - continued

6/18/2014 - Paradise Village Marina in Banderas Bay Mexico

 We went by Opequimar and took some pictures of the bottom of Elegant'sea. The splash is tomorrow.

Today was pad day - moving the boat so they could paint where the pads are holding the boat.





After and ect.

Old water line, you can see the strips at the lower thru-hull, that's the 
cockpit scupper thru-hull.

Same place on port side.



Varnishing while house sitting - continued ......

We are in Bucerias house sitting and our boat "Elegant'sea" is in Opequimar getting a bottom job.

Debbie starting some varnishing on the louvered door.

Debbie into her varnishing :)

The pad with our Ford Ka.

We are making slow progress.

A coat here and a sanding there and they are comming along.