Whale Gulper Bilge IC Pump Kit - ordered

We just ordered a new bilge pump from Defender.com (1156010).
 It is the Whale Gulper Bilge IC Pump Kit. They have a sale going and we had this item was on our list.

 We have one of these pumps as our shower sump also. This will give us the possibility of swapping one out for the other as they are interchangeable.

The Remote mounted Automatic Bilge System inludes the Gulper IC ( Intelligent Control ) which receives signals from the Strainer IC and switches on and off automatically.

Kit Includes:
  • Gulper Bilge Pump
  • Strainer
  • Non-Return Valve
  • Electronic Control Switches in Pump and Strainer 

  • Save time and money by reducing four separate components to one pre-wired system.
  • Designed for either 19mm (3/4") or 25mm (1") hose sizes
    • Top or side entry options: Multi-orientation outlet port can be changed to best suit your installation
  • Bilge IC ( Intelligent Control ) Remote Mount Pump & Strainer with built in Intelligent Control
  • Fits in confined bilge spaces
  • Integrated Non-Return valve
  • Self primes and Runs dry
  • Fit and forget with no maintenance
  • Remote mounted, the Gulper IC receives signals from Strainer IC and switches on and off automatically
  • Pre-wired Bilge System with automatic intelligent control built in
    • Pre-wired with waterproof electric connectors that prevent damage from capillary action and electrolysis
  • Pre-wired and assembled - just connect power
  • Soft start - protects the pump for long life
  • Perfect for remote mounting automatic Gulper IC receives signals from Strainer IC and switches on and off automatically
    • Remote mounted Bilge IC pump can be mounted up to 10 feet away from the Strainer IC in the bilge
    • Remote mounted pump makes for easy inspections
    • Easy to install on uneven surfaces
    • Head rotates 360º to suit your installation
    • Secure fit with new wrap around mounting feature
    • Small footprint strainer fits into very confined bilge spaces
    • Versatile Mounting with (3) Mounting Feet and only (3) screws to fit
    • Securing strap: Ensures pump remains in place in marine conditions
  • Low current controlled switching - no burn outs from high currents
  • The On / Off Delay prevents cycling
  • Environmentally friendly: No toxic mercury
  • Designed with Non-choke valves so there is no filter to block or clean
  • Strainer has integrated electronic sensor (IC)
    • Strainer IC sensor automatically turns the Gulper IC pump on when submerged in water for 5 seconds
    • Strainer IC with intelligent control electronics are built in
    • Easy to clean strainer
    • IC Sensor recognizes when it is no longer submerged and keeps pumping for 45 seconds to drain the bilge further
    • Drains water level down to only ¼"
  • Ezi-Clamp: Twist and single screw to secure
  • Indicator light: Shows pump operation

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