Stateroom reading lights\fan - completed

 It was just too much and so I had to install the other light and fan. The project was so close to being done and the befinets of finishing it were to great for me to do something else. To that end we put up the other reading light and fan.

 The other thing you see on the back rest is my electric mattress pad controller. We each have our own controller, Debbie's is on her shelf area. I use mine even in the summer sometimes as it helps for a sore back. Only draw back is they are digital and the LED lights up the area so we flip them face down when "ON".

We could not move the fan to starboard any more or the switch in the back would not be accessible.

 The fan does take away from the good looks of the reading lights however we think it is a need item for the bed area. If we do not use it when down south of the boarder we can yank it. There are nap time when I think we or I could have used it already (the fan) and that is here in San Diego. The other spot we have seen them is at the foot of the bed near the port side. We do not care for that spot as we like the 110 volt light there to lighten up that corner. Also the fan would be blowing on our heads more than we want. This way the fan goes past our heads and onto our bodies. Any way like everything else it is a try it and see thing.  The fan will also help circulate the AC when it is running.

The reading lights are brighter than we imagined. They work well and we need to get used to them, like not looking into the lenses.  All in all a nice comfort project that is practical and looks nice.
 Next week a couple coats of gloss on the trim teak and off comes the rest of the blue tape.

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