Engine test at 2200 and 2600 rpms

 We took this video to see if the motor was vibrating too much. We were motoring to Coronado Cal. We have a three blade prop which is new to us. It seems at 2000 rpm’s it steers nice.  Then at 2200 rpm’s you notice some vibrating on the helm. At 2600 rps it is quite noticeable and we were wondering if it would affect an autopilot (we do not have an autopilot yet) by working it too hard. We at this time do not have any working instruments so we have no idea how fast we were traveling. We took another video or so we thought of the shaft and transmission but it did not come out.
 No sense in wasting a video I always say, OK I do now. So here is just a video of the Beta 38 hp running at 2200 rpm’s and 2600 rpms. 

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