The Super Wind Generator

While out over the weekend at "Loews Coronado Bay Resort" a yacht came in and tied up near us with a Super Wind Generator. It was very quiet.

 So we did some investigating on the Super Wind Generator.

 The Super wind generator will only fit a 2" pole. We have a 1.5 ID pole.

 We made our bracket on the stern to fit a 1.5 pole. A 2" pole would be kind of large for the back of our boat as it would possibly stick another ½ inch into a dingy that is hanging on our davits causing chafe.

It would also be an added expense to re-do the pole and possibly the bracket and the dampening kit we have.

 The Super Wind Generator is $230.00 delivered, that is with the controller and stop switch.
 Any parts would need to come from N.Y. at the Super Wind Generator dealer (it is made in Germany)

 We are currently set to go with the Air Breeze and it is $950.00 delivered.
Because it is complicated I think we can stick with the Air Breeze, it costs less and parts would be easy to get with no pole modifications.

 Also we are counting more on Solar as our primary energy source. The wind generator is just a “what if there is some wind” kind of thing. We can then take advantage of it. Not a full time energy source.
If we think the Air Breeze is too noisy at times we can just turn it off. Or just turn it on if we decide we want some wind energy.
 If Super Wind Generator did not mean we needed to modify the pole we could consider it as the price is not a no go. The parts are a bit disturbing and they all say they never need parts :)
However in the forums I hear people searching for parts for the KISS wind generator as KISS  is a small shop and the guy is not always available.

The blades looked waked out but that is because they were spinning fast and the camera can not handle it. 

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