State room reading lights

 Now that the state room cabinet over the bed is varnished (the underside) we can install the Imtra reading lights. 

We had thought we were also going to install two fans under there also. This is turning out to be impracticable. One fan will make it. 

We centered the lights evenly from the dorad housing (1978 Freeport) to the port side of under the cabinet. This is after Debbie held up one of the lights to make sure it was going to work well for her and then I. We had wired it up and darkened the state room so we could emulate the reading light. Sit is surprising how little time you can hold up a little light in that position!   Now that the spots are picked (get the pun!) we will do the drilling. We think using 16 awg solder less terminal end plugs instead of crimping on a wire connector would be a better idea here. Just incase the fan burn out :)
Caframo Ultimate 757, 12 Volt DC Cabin Fan
Current Draw on High Speed 0.5 Amps 
Over on the starboard side under the cabinet we will install one fan for now anyway.
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