Replacing settee florescent lights

 J.D. from Downwind Marine gave us four florescent overhead salon lights that he removed from his boat. These lights go under the deck and over the salon seating and the settee setting. There are two on each side of the boat.

Old fixture removed - guts

Old fixture removed - guts

 Our starboard two stopped working and we have tried bulbs and checked the wiring etc with no effect.
I finally got around to replacing one today.

What the head line looks like with no light

One of J.D.'s light he gave us - they all have lenses also :)

 Got it up but it is backwards so I need to flip it around. First we put it up and saw the solder less terminal ends sticking into the vinyl headliner. So we removed the light and wire tied it to behind the light. Now it is backwards so another day (I ran out of time) we will flip it around the switch is in the middle of the settee not by the nav station. Now to replace the other one.
At some point I will replace the guts on the two we removed and put LED lights in them and then replace the florescent ones that are mounted. You will not notice a cosmetic difference and the light will be all LED.

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