Solar panel and fasteners etc

We picked up a bunch of fasteners at “United fasteners” in San Diego for the solar panels.

We also found some mounts to use from the SS 1” rail to the aluminum flat bar. They are from "Sea Dog" and we got them at Downwind Marine. I think we got 6 packs.

And we got out last solar panel.
Now to start putting them together.

 Taking into consideration of the Garhauer motor lift and the Air breeze wind generator we measured for the solar panel fit on top of the bimini.

We measured 6 ½ inches to the center of the SS 1” cross bar on the stern of the solar panel and 5 ¼ inches from the front to the SS 1” cross bar. That is where the aluminum flat bar will be fit too.

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  1. We had to replace our Solar Fasteners as they did not have an protective coat on them. They did not really last longer when we started sailing on the open ocean. The sea salt made some of the parts rust really quickly.