Orderd solar panel cables etc

 Just ordered the three 30 foot cables (you cut them in half) for the solar panels that will go to the junction box.

Ordered from:

 Now for a few brackets to hold the panels on and we are done purchasing for this project.
 We have about five or so of these, actually we have more but they are not all the same and in great shape. Over time we have collected these from various projects. If we wanted to rob a few we could from other uses but we will keep them for what they are being used for :) So we have about five that we will use already and will purchase a few more. The 85 watt panel will connect to the other two panels by the aluminum bar and will not need the mounting brackets.
 The rest will be going to the Chula Vista Swap Meet coming up.

 We think this will give us the strength we want for the panel mounts with the aluminum strips and the separation from the aluminium to the SS. We will use some Teflon washers for the mounting screws as we did on the dodger panel.

Then for the cam cleat as we think the wires may com into the boat from the stern, by the dingy davit mounts, not sure on this yet.

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