Engine coolant to HWH

 We posted a message in the beta forum about our engine coolant to the hot water heater plumbing. We were wondering if there is room by the oil hand pump for changing the oil. This fitting goes under the manifold near the hand pump. They said the custom motor mounts Phil had made may be in the way, may not.

 You can see where the elbow screws into here in the underside of the ex host manifold

From the forum:

Normal installation
“This will be the return water heater fitting. It installs in the underside of the heat exchanger at the aft end.

Your last photo just shows the plug that is removed to allow a 90 deg elbow and a 5/8" hose adaptor to be installed.

If you can first turn in the 90 degree fitting you will then be able to turn in the hose adaptor which typically points aft.

You have custom mounts that obstruct this area more than is normal. The oil pump is less of an obstruction.

It is hard to judge from your photos but I think you will just have room to install the fitting as shown.”

We want to install the water heater and then the coolant tank and then plumb it. We will then have Phil put in the engine fittings and test it out.

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