Refer painted!

Wow does the refer look good now. We spent at least three hours sanding the refer, the both of us at the same time were sanding away.

Me sanding away

Done sanding

ready for paint

 We scraped some epoxy off the top edge with a chisel and vacuumed and sanded and vacuumed. Finally we were done with the sanding. This took much longer than I thought it would. Debbie had a better handle on how long it would take and was not surprised. 

Lazerett side

From the lazerett

Next time we will use a better brush for cutting in.

After we got it prepped for paint Debbie mixed up the epoxy two part paint and painted the refer and with the left over painted the propane locker. 

From the galley side

I did not paint. Debbie did and got none on her, how I got paint on me well???

We ran out of paint. Not enough left over to do the job either. The refer needs a second coat and the propane locker is only painted on the inside.

Debbie will use what’s left of the epoxy paint to finish off the propane lockers first coat.
Well now need to do a light sanding and re-paint.

Then it will be buy more paint and put the second coat on.

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