Re-thinking Solar controller box

We are re-thinking the solar controller box that we just purchased. We have been disusing this with the forum and the con sens is that a simple junction box would work fine. That the breakers are not marine and will rust and overkill.

 We have a solar panel on top of the dodger so I am not sure what the benefit would be in putting a junction box on top of the bimini as we would then need to run two cables from the dodger to the top of the bimini and then to the junction box. These would need to be larger say 4 awg and so it would negate any cable savings. There would be still four large cables to and from the bimini which is about the dia of six.
I am thinking the junction box would go in the lazerett and that way the solar panel on top of the dodger (two normal size cable which are there already as the dodger solar panel is working) would meet up with the bimini cables (4 awg) in the junction box and then it is a short run to the solar controller. How’s that for a plan?

The controller box will be getting returned.
We will be sending back the controller box and the breakers as we think a simple junction box will work better.
The breakers in the controller box do serve as some protection and they are plastic. The box is water proof. They still would eventually rust though so it is going back.

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