Guitar strings got changed

 The first string replacement on the boat took place the other day. We were noticing the “E” and “ A” strings (6 & 5) were buzzing. I got all worried it was the neck out of shape or something. You know the sky is falling; no it is raining type of thing. So I replaced the strings in the cockpit and it was sounding beautiful again. Played a bunch of songs while Debbie Crochet.

Now for some guitar playing!


When changing strings, change one string at a time. This will prevent the piezoelectric transducer (located under the saddle) from repositioning, which will affect the sound balance from string to string.

The 6-string models use the following string gauges:
Elixir #11052 Light Acoustic Guitar Strings
.012 / .016 / .024 / .032 / .042 / .053 

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