Paddle board blow up

Middle of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico


 We brought our old Samoa by Sevylir paddle bard to Pacific Paddleboard in Bucerias, Mexico. Hue and Barb on MV\Aussie Made gave us a ride in their car. We usually role by bus but it would be a bit hard lugging the paddleboard with us on two busses then a taxi to the shop. Pacific Paddle tried tightening the air valve which was leaking. They ended up calling us to say the air valve needed to be glued in to prevent it from leaking. They did but it was less than perfect. Nice try but it did hold air fairly well. It was only 10 pesos (less than $10.00 US). I used it for a couple days and had a lot of fun. Then while the board was sitting on the dock on its edge with a big Sumberlla cover over it the seams blew out in four places.
We had only 9 lbs of air in it and it says do not inflate more than 12 lbs.
So we will attempt to re-glue it but are not holding out too much hope.

We want to use it to paddle in the anchorages along the coast as well as surf some at Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay.
We have started to look at new inflatable Starboard paddleboards. They had some at Pacific Paddleboard. We want to paddle\surf.
Bucerias is a cool town just north of us. It is like Pacific Beach or Ocean Beach in San Diego.

The places do not close up for lack of tourist (cruisers) like in La Cruise in the summer months.

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