Clothes wringer

Beginning of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

The clothes wringer is finally getting put to use!

Yep, we decided to start using it and so we made a ¾ plywood mount with a couple of starboard rail mounts attached to it and Wa La! it is working. A crank and a yank and the skivvies are wrung out!

Bracket for mounting wringer.
Getting it sized up.

Now to drill the holes for the starboard rail mounting brackets.
When putting some strain on the cranking for as a thick piece of material the wringer tends to move over the side so Debbie came up with the idea of the line from the SS bimini brace to hold it. Works great!

The wringer comes off the plywood mount. The handle comes off the wringer and then the plywood mount comes off the SS rail and all stores in a canvas bag.

 So how it would work at anchor is you kneel on the lazerett cushion and put the item into the roller. With your left hand you reach over the top of the roller and pull it up as it is cranked by your right hand. The water drains off the boat and into the sea.


My laundry in the buckets. Well my laundry in the rinse bucket and some rags in the wash bucket. It has taken me two days to wash in a bucket and I guess two days to rinse cause I quit for today :)

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  1. Doing laundry could be almost a daily chore if you wanted to stay ahead of the game, but at two days a bucket you've got to figure out a better

    When I was a kid my mother had an old electric washer with an electric wringer on the top, and when you would wring something out the excess water went back into the washer. One time I playing with putting things through the wringer, and I got my fingers to close to the rollers and the rollers pulled my fingers in. I remember screaming like hell when that happened, and boy did that hurt...I never did that again!