Puerto Vallarta - Banderas Bay sunset cruise

Beginning of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We were sitting in the “Hospitality suit” or “Internet Room” or “Cruisers Lounge” as we like to call it doing some high speed internet and enjoying the nice cold AC. Possibly getting ready to stream some Dr Who from Netflix when our friend from ….. came in and asked every one if we would like to go for a sun set cruise for free on their charter boat. We said you bet and we all got up and went down to the boat.
The charter boat owners.
It was not long and off we all went out into Banderas Bay from Paradise Village Marina and heading into the sunset. We were offered drinks and later had finger food. We all talked it up and the weather was just right as always.

Leaving Paradise Village Marina channel.
You guessed it, that's us!
A motley crew!

A Kelley said, this is one of the first times we go sailing or boating and do not have to do anything!

Kelly and John from SV The Emerald Lady, a Chewy Lee 47' ketch.
Punta De Mita to the right.
de de de, that's all folks, for the sunset :)
Cabo Corientes





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  1. how fun...look at you guys making friends :P looks like it was a fun time and it's always nice to sit back and enjoy i'm sure ;) miss you both!!!