More than normal wear on Salon and settee got washed

Last day of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Washed covers on the settee
Debbie took the sattee cushions up to the mall and the Landry mat. It is air conditioned which makes it a little more OK and free WiFi. I did one before in a bucket but gave up. It is hard getting them off and then back on. Maybe not hard but certainly a pain. After they were dry Debbie put some zipper lube on them.
Getting zipper lubed.

The foe leather is not fairing so well. We are highly bummed about it and will be contacting Kestone Brothers and hope for some solution L

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  1. I took all the fabric covers off both salon settees and washed them (even the port back cushions), and like you said it can be a hassle to get them back on again. I found using dish soap and a tooth brush worked good on removing oil spots, especially the fresh spots. If I could do our cushions over again I would choose micro fiber, because we have two chairs at home we use all the time and the material holds up good...and it cleans up real good.