First outing on new paddle board

End of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Got the new(demo) Starboard Whopper Fun inflatable paddle board fro Pacific paddle in Bucerinas.
First we blew it up as much as we could with the electric pump.

We have been real busy so I did not get to blow it up until Friday morning. I huffed and puffed and finally got it blown up and then took it for a paddle. I thought I could only pump it up to 14 lbs and it said on the board to go to 18 lbs. So I figured they gave me the wrong pump.

 After paddling for  a bit the board started leaking air out the side. Not again! This board is like new even though it is a demo it is a 2013 lightly used board J

So I called Pacific Paddle and Adam said bring it on over. car and it is a two bus trip ride.
Well Paul on the 1982 Valiant  40 a slip over has Hues car. Hue and Barb are in Canada for a month. So I go over to Paul and bum a ride. The girls came with us and we got to Pacific Paddle just fine. Talking to Adam who could not figure out why it had a hole as it was pumped up when I bought. We had to let the air out and role it up to  get it into the car. That was with Hue and Barb. Any way I was asking about the pump not going high enough and we discovered I was reading bars not pounds. The pumps scale was in red under the bar scale. So I had blown it up to 20 lbs. Now we know why it was so hard to blow up and why it blew up. Well it should go up to 25 ils without lowing up or so I read.

Any way Adam went to his ware house and got me another demo that has been holding air for 6 weeks and basically said screw it this time and your on your own. Or you will need to patch it yourself next time.
 Today I blew it up to 12 lbs and will check it out tomorrow as we got invited to go to the movies (Wolverine) with John and Kelly and their daughter today.

I would like to get it pumped to 15 lbs and at the hottest part of the day be at say 18 lbs. 18 lbs is the recommended air pressure but Adam said 15 lb would work fine. That way in the cool morning I could just take it out without adding air and in the afternoon I would not need to let air out.

Keep you posted.


  1. Don't feel to bad, I miss read things sometimes too.

    You would never have an air pressure problem with a fiberglass board, but you'd have to store it on the rail or deck all the time.


  2. Yes, decisions decisions. Inflatable or fiberglass?? For us it is the 36' boat verses 10'of board blocking port holes or windows all the time. Also at times they can be a hazard when the seas get big. We have an inflatable dinghy, Kayak and now paddleboard. All can get stored easily and feel safer for it. Plus we have full breezes through the port holes and full views through our big beautiful windows. Means a lot at anchor. Also if you fall down it is rubber or water, not a big deal, or get pummeled in the surf. Of course this is just our opinion and our life style so they make all kinds of stuff. Now if we had a bigger boat...:)

  3. Bigger