Detailing top sides

End of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We are on the gel coat now.
Then it will be the stainless steel.
We see a lot of MV waxing their glass windows...what's with that?
Does it keep them from spotting or easier to clean etc?

We found an abandoned dinghy rack which we converted to hold our deflated dinghy on deck.
We are detailing the top sides of our Islander Freeport 36' sail boat.
 We have now had the boat for almost 5 years and have barley washed the outside.
The previous owner for 30 + years did not clean it much either. With all the projects large and small we have never had much time to keep the topsides clean. Now however it is time. The are here in PV Mexico is clean and the air is clean. The whole Mexican Riviera is clean except when they are burning bushes then with the right wind we get some as at times at anchor. We can live with that. In the US we got every day jet fuel and who knows what else all over the boat. We were in a city so you kind of expect it.

Any way we have cleaned off all extra sealant and varnish\Cetal etc and bleached and then waxed with Whit Shark polish. The bas coat then the gloss. The boat is coming out nice.

 We decided to leave the hem seat and some other items till next season or so before re-finishing them.

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