Installed head vessel sink

End of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

First we had to bed the cool stopper and drain with some silicone because the rubber gaskets that came with it did not work on the curved drain. No leaks so now to install.
Next Debbie put blue tape around the sink so the 3M 4000 would not get above the bottom of the tape. We are sitting the sink in with 2" left on top of the counter. The sink could sit on to of the counter if you wanted but we chose this for a variety of reasons. One is strength. The sink will not budge. Another is the sink may well over power the head as it would be real big with most of it out. Also the faucet has to work with the sink height and the cabinet is another issue. There are more but we like this setup. It works well with washing hands and brushing the teeth etc.
We could get the T square on three sides (not the cabinet side) and that gave us enough to be sure the sink was square to the 2" height all around.
 The sink drains the water just fine and does not pool any where.

The new vessel sink installation got finished. We used 3M 4000 to seal it in and then Debbie did the plumbing. No leaks and all works well. It is really nice now. We still are varnishing the door to under the sink and trim. We are also looking for some rubber trim for around the sink. You can only do so much and the old sink was installed with some holes and places we could not cover with the new one. We did cover the old faucet are so that was nice. It is not real noticeable but some nice small trim would finish it off real nice. Debbie is going back to the US in a month ne she can get some there maybe. The Home Depot here is smaller and not as well stocked as the ones in SD. If it was tile it would not be a problem as tile is big here because of the heat.


  1. I saw you put in a trap under the sink, but since the water drains right out of the boat a trap is not needed. You may or may not know this, but the trap is for stopping gas from coming up through the drain. In a house where sinks and toilets all drain into a common line, traps are needed to stop gasses created by using the toilet from venting out through the sinks. In a house the gasses vent out through a pipe connected to the common line, and that pipe runs up to and through the roof of the house.


  2. Well I have seen in the forum FOGGERS that some have complained of the head sink over flowing when sailing with the through hull valve left open. We have never had that problem and have never closed the through hull valve. I have contributed that to the sing trap? Any way they sell the whole set up at Home Depot if you need a replacement and this has worked great since we have owned the boat. Also if hair (Debbie's) gets in the valve or clogs the line like it has it is easy to take apart and clean out.
    The stink pipe on the roof I know about but the gases etc for the sink is all new to me. Thanks for the info.

  3. Only a few times when we were hard over on a starboard tack did I see any signs water had come up into the sink, but the water didn't stay or over flow the sink. The good thing about this drain line either way it's done, is it's easy to clear with a snake or anything long and flexible.

    Do you ever have problems draining soapy water out of the galley sink? I was thinking once it might be cool to have a small version of a garbage disposal under the sink that could run on 12 volts.


  4. No problems with the gall sink draining. We replaced the hoses and the sink drains so we could use the newer type of stoppers and because the engine was out at the time so we had good access to do it. I think our galley through hull is at least 3\4 inch. We have a 1978. I am not positive but it is at least 3\4 inch or larger.

    Like I said we were going to just use hose to the through valve but could not find all the fittings here. Remember we are on the main land and not an easy drive to the US. I suppose once we are here longer we will know where more things are. This is an above the water line through hull so we could be more flexible with what we use.
    Any way it is all good.