We got our permanent resident cards

End of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 Not sure if we told you all but we got our permanent resident cards about a month ago.
It took about 12 trips and we did it all ourselves. Well with a little help from David our son-in-law who specks Spanish. He came with us to the Mexican Consulate in the U.S. And a shout out to our daughter Lindsey and our grandson David who did the logistics (drove and was a good kid etc).

These take the place of the old FM3 cards. This new one never needs renewing!

We made a couple mistakes so it took a few extra trips in the US and in Mexico at the Mexican Immigration office.
All in all probably way easier than getting a green card in the US :)


  1. Are you sporting a black mustache on that photo card?

  2. Ahhh you caught me. Yes a little black instead of a lot of gray. I also changed my date of birth to 1980. Wish it was truly that easy. Just and easy :)

  3. What material is the residence is Paper?