New accent LED lights in the salon

End of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

We put in the two accent lights in the salon. We did this a month or so ago. The starboard one swivels so we can direct it to the bulkhead by the stateroom door. It has a flip switch behind the cushion. This one we like best so far as the light is the right brightness and it looks real nice.
 These take the dark corners of the salon and lighten them up. They make it cozy and bigger looking.

Of course they are LED and are made by IMTRA.
I drilled the wholes and Debbie did all the wiring etc.
On this hole I broke our 90 deg drill attachment.

Debbie clamped the switch up and under the cabinet behind the settee cushion.
The Debbie wired the light to the Main Cabin light switch at the nav station. We always use 16 AWG wire for lights even though these are LED.
This light swivels (not shown swiveled)

 The port light by the cabinet is nice but a little bright. We are going to put some shade screen in it to dim it some. We put in a matching push switch and it works real good.
Debbie tested out the lights to be working properly and then secured all the wiring up out of the way so there would be no chafing.

Wiring for light on the port side with switch.

Pay on!

All done, playing on her Kindle Fire.
Dam we gotta clean up that book shelf! We emptied a cabinet to do some work in it and that is where it all landed :)

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