Airmar P 79 and Garmin back bone cable

 End of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

 Do I have to say I was wrong yet one more time?
 So this is a 6 pin 6mm (20 ft) extension cable. At least I thought it was an extension cable. Now I am not sure what is but it is Garmin.
 It has been a while since Debbie and I installed the electronics. I did not remember how many pins there were in the cables or back bone. After we looked at the cable from the transducer and this cable which we were going to use to reach the back bone we decided something was wrong and since this was a Garmin cable it must be the transducer since it is made by Airmar. Not so it seems.
If we had looked a little further at an extra yellow power cable for the net work we have we would have discovered it has five pins, but we did not do that. We got on the email support wagon.
This is from where we purchased the Garmin electronics:
"The Garmin network and NMEA2000 are the same thing.   The communication is exactly the same, and the connectors are the same except NMEA2000 ones are metal and Garmin are plastic.   They will work fine with one another, just be sure not to cross-thread the connectors."
 So we looked further and what did we find:
The Airmar P 79 transducer has five pins like the Garmin network.
Garmin back bone 6mm (20 ft) cable, male.
Garmin back bone 6mm (20 ft) cable female end.
So now how to extend it? Well Debbie was looking through old Garmin stuff we had and like I said she pulled out a back bone cable. It has five pins also. So we hooked it to the Airmar P 79 and it fit right. Then it was a matter of running the cables.
We ran the gray 6mm (20 ft) Airmar cable and it reached up to under the nav station.  As this took a while we decided to continue with snaking the other back bone cable another day.


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  1. If the back bone is 5 pin, then the 6 pin must belong to a Garmim device before back bone came out, or a device that does not connect to the back bone. I have a bunch of different Garmin cables on the boat I bought for handling different cabling setups, so next time I'm at the boat I'll check them out to see what pin arraignments they are.