New Starboard Astro Whopper Fun inflatable paddleboard

 End of July - Paradise Village Marina in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

10.0' X 4" H 35" W

We went over to Bucerinas and purchased a Starboard Astro Whopper Fun inflatable paddleboard from Pacific Paddle. Adam there was recently written up in the vallartatribune.

The paddleboard I purchased is the third one down. It is 4" thick verses the top two are 6" thick but way more $$$. The top board is the same as the bottom only it is the deluxe model.

The middle paddleboard is a "Tender" model. It is real big and you could use it instead of a dinghy. Actually that one is a inflatable sail board. The tender is I think the same size though.

 Thankfully Banderas bay here in PV is a hot bead for paddle boarding and even then it ws lucky to find a board I liked at a good price and inflatable.

Some hard paddleboards.

Me arriving home with the new used board and new used paddle.
 This inflatable board was a demo 2013 board and a used paddle at a good price.

Our old paddleboard.

Old board.

The other paddle board we bought used we are still trying to fix.  Not having much hope but after six patches (well gluing six spots on the seams) we are still trying to get it inflatable so we can sell it as is and maybe some kid could get some use out of it.


  1. I understand there's crocodiles in your area. Have you seen any? Any problem getting a diver to clean your bottom?


  2. No problem with divers for cleaning the bottom. About the same as in SD, $1.00 USD a foot.
    We have seen one big crocodile up the river a bit. It was lying out on a boat ram sunning. They are however well fed so no need to worry.