Whales in Tenacatita

In the middle of March 2013 – Anchored in Tenacatita anchorage

At the Tenacatita anchorage we heard the VHF radio crackle with "whales in the anchorage"! We went up on deck to sit and watch "the show" and sure enough there were two whales swimming through the boats at anchor.

One large one and one smaller one. They were playing around. The small one would jump out of the water.

The large one would smash it’s tail onto the water making a thunderous sound. At one point as they swam a bit further out into the bay the large one smashed it’s tail onto the water twelve times in a row. It then came up for air. It was a loud sound like thunder each time.

 Quite impressive. We were so into it we did not think to take a video until they were farther out of the bay. We are thinking a mother and her calf?

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