Barra - Puerto da la Navidad Marina to Tenacatita

Middle of March 2013 – Sitting in the Tenacatita anchorage

 Just before we left our whopping two days in the marina the boat next to us M\V Laura with Chip as the captain, that’s right another Chip gave us six NY steaks. Mighty nice of the fine man!

Marine in Puerto Vallarta at the Grand Isla Navidad Resort. Where is our boat?

See the big house type boat, well we are right next to it.
We did the half day passage to Tenacatita which is about 15 nautical miles but when it is all said and done then about a half day or more. We had checked the weather among other sources and it was not quite as nice as predicted, the seas were not anyway. But it was 15 kt winds and lumpy seas enough to be taking water over the bow. A slog part of the way.  Still all in all it was nice to be back out in the ocean.

 After we got anchored I jumped on the guitar and sang some songs. And on Fridays there is the mayor’s dinghy raft up which we attended.

Debbie made delived eggs, everyone's favorites!
You bring plates and a plate of food to share, swap DVD’s etc. Because it started to rain we all went on board the M\V Voyager and we sat up top. Quite nice.

We met some new friends and saw some old friends. Of course we are still:
Chip & Debbie Willis on S\V Elegant’sea

We swapped boat cards and here are a few.

M\V Voager (as seen out our window) which we had the raft up on.

S\V Sweet Dreams 
Jim & Gina Nle with two kids on board on S\V Sweet Dreams
54’ Erwin
This is the dad on the surf board being towed by the son (Sweet Dreams), a little slow.
The son on the surf board being towed by the dinghy (Sweet Dreams).  A lot faster and more tricks :)  (That is the S\V Rubber Duckey with the black hull in the foreground).
Linda Penwarden & Fran Osborne on M\V Discovery
1994 Nordhavan N46-37

Anne Woodson & Dick Towson on S/V Full & By 
Baba 35 #108

Chris & Heather Stockard on S\V Legacy
Our Spectra water maker rep.
 The next day Debbie sewed the Shade Trees for the shroud zippers while at anchor. The Sailrite sewing machine Ultra Feed Zig zag sewing machine used little power on the 2000 watt Xantrax inverter.
All in all, a beautiful new anchorage!!


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