Bahia de Navidad - Golf any one?

Early of March 2013 – At anchor in the Bahia de Navidad lagoon

At the Grand Isla Navidad Resort there are three golf courses. There is the Ocean, Lagoon and the Mountain courses. Each one is nine holes.
 We took Richard over to the club house for breakfast one day in appreciation for his kindness to us.

The gulf course dock and beach.

Actually he met us at the golf course dock in the lagoon. Richard tying up his dinghy.
Richard helping us tie up our dinghy.
Richard's dinghy.

Looking out at the lagoon from the dock. There is an small island to the right.

Looking into the lagoon from the dock.

 We had a nice breakfast and the prices are very reasonable. We then walked around the club house which is quite expansive. Pro shop, bar and dressing rooms with sauna, jacuzzi. The dressing rooms also had two massage rooms and beautiful wood lockers. They were quite nice and I am sure I am missing some things.

From the course, the bar to right, outside eating area and club store to left. All are attached to plaza where the restaurant is etc.

Also there was a big plaza in the middle and other areas we did not explore. We walked to the golf carts were where we talked to the man who rents them out.

Richard is a regular there so he let Richard take one and we got one for gratis to roam the courses. We wanted to see the ocean and the waves that we hear in the lagoon, crashing at the beach.
Debbie did the driving.
Richard led the way.


On the way to the ocean Richard took a short cut over an island in the middle of the road. He really just missed the trail so he jumped the island. His cart went up on two wheels briefly and off he went. Debbie tried but I said to go straight instead of at an angle because I was concerned we may role over. She hit the island and we bottomed out. There are two of us in the cart not just one like Richard. So we got out and had to push it off the island and back onto the road. Debbie did a U-ey and we found the trail and caught Richard.

The island is to the right. :)
Mother like daughter. (In our daughter’s (Lindsey) earlier years we went golfing and Lindsey drove the cart. She careened into a trash can and upset our partner player. She was young and just learning.)

The island in the road man :)
Off to the ocean.
Steep hill to go down.



There is a nice little beach that is mostly vacant at the corner of the course. It has papalas for shade and a good boogie board or even surf spot.
 On the way back to the club house.
You can buy lots and build a house. Over by the beach there are a couple of really nice stone houses facing the ocean.

This is two trees grown together - just beautiful!!
On the way to the pier.

Debbie's wild ride is over, back to the pier.

The other side of the island.

Our boat is there.

And back to our home, boat.





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  1. That place looks pretty nice and peaceful. I wonder when was the last time someone walked on that beach? I notice your boat is a little heavy at the stern, must be all the stuff in the lockers and on the stern. You're both looking happy.