12000 Mermaid HVAC - got even more work done

Early March 2013 – At anchor in the Bahia de Navidad lagoon
The 12000 Mermaid HVACK got even more work done to it. We cut the holes for the 6” insulated ducting. We used the template Debbie made and drew them out. The first one was into the starboard salon compartment. The second was from that compartment to the lower storage compartment by the galley sink. Not sure if all Islander Freeport’s have access to this but we have a 1978 and have access.
Of course we had to empty everything out of these storage areas before starting the project.

Under the galley counter area by the sink. You see the engine exhaust hose here.
Salon next to the sink area.
The clean up crew...Debbie!
Whose that beautiful leg belong to? Debbie!
We then rasped the edges for smoothness of the two big holes we made and then Debbie put duct tape on the edges just for further chafe protection.

We then snaked the 6" ducting through to the under sink area and to the hot water heater. The ducting is compressed so it is not the full length. It will go all the way to the Mermaid HVAC unit. There will be two splitters along the way and one on the end.
Before we can actually run the ducting for good and secure it we want to put in the out through hull.
There will be two runs of 4” insulated ducting coming off the main 6” ducking. They will go to two 4” vents. One in the galley which is another project. The other is done and in the salon.
Then the next day we worked on the intake water supply.
We had previously installed the March pump and drilled a hole through the rib for the ½ hose and ran the hose.
We also set up the strainer and had a through hull installed. It was time to connect the dots here and it takes a while. Debbie got all the hoses connected up to the bleeder valve by the Mermaid HVAC unit. Debbie did all the connecting and I did some plumbing of the 90 deg elbow and hose barb.

With our nice inverter and plenty of solar we have no problem running our power tools at anchor.
Then Debbie connected the condensator.
It takes the water in the drain pan that collects and sends it to the out through hull instead of it going into the bilge. It took a hose and strainer and then snaking some more hose to the device.

We then called it a day as we usually only work until about 1:30P then either take off for the pool at the hotel or go into town for provisions or just stay home and siesta!

 We had problems with our first 5200 BTU Mermaid HVAC and found the problem to be some third party connectors they used. If we have problems with this unit (does not blow cold air) then we know what the fix is and can call a local AC repair service to replace them on the unit, probably as it sits. It will be out-of-pocket but it will fix the problem. And we cannot ship this to Mermaid from Mexico under warranty as it is too much of a problem.


  1. Why does it seems that Debbie is doing most of the work?...hahahaha

    Don from FOGgers

    1. That’s like the question; do I look fat in what I am wearing?