Honda oil change - happened

There is more than one way to oil change in an outboard. We really wanted to drain the oil through the drain screw as I think we would get more oil out but that is not to be yet any way.

So we went to plan "B" and sucked it through the dip stick. We got the motor wormed up by going for a joy ride around the anchorage. Then we removed the lifting harness and cover. Then of course the dip stick. We used the handy dandy pump to suck it out. We got about quart out. It takes 1.1 US quart or 1.2 US quart with filter change on the 9.9 hp Honda outboard. It was not time for a filter change.

So it is 80 deg with a nice breeze :)
Debbie held the funnel and old oil container in the bucket as I pumped it out.

Put in the new oil, a quart and was done.

Put the cover back on and ran themor for a bit.
Then pulled the cover off and checked the oil and we were done.
We then checked the air in the dingy chambers and floor and the keel was low we knew because it was turning when going slow hard.

We greased the dingy step latches and pins, oiled the dingy lock ect.

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