Debbie Raising Dinghy

End of March 2013 - Sitting at anchor in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay -
Pg 69 of the Pacific Mexico Guide book

Because we have decided we will put the dinghy on the fore deck for any half day or more passages (at least for now) we wanted an easier way to get the dinghy there on deck and to deploy it afterwards. We were using our 4.1 block and tackle attached to the spinnaker halyard but it was a pain and then all by hand. We also used a bridle to pick it up.
Now we tried the forward anchor windless. It is a Lamar H3 windless with a rope drum and chain 3/8 gypsy. It could be used to pull some one up the mast or of course an anchor rode which we have it set up for. Now we decided to try it for raising the dinghy.

We attached a short bridle to the bow of the dinghy.
Debbie takes wraps on the windless.

Uses the windless to pull up the dinghy to the life lines where the stern is hitting the life lines. We stop.

Then with a tether we hold the dingy steady because it wants to fly to the center of the boat and into a shroud.

Debbie lowers the dinghy and we tether it to the stern resting place by the mast and then lower it to the deck.
The same goes for raising it but in reverse order. We walk the dinghy once it is off the deck to the life lines and then Debbie lowers it.

We lower by hand as it is easier and you have more control but we could use the windless to do that also.
We use our three flat fenders to place the dinghy on. If it is to sit in the sun at anchor for a day we cover it.


  1. Where is the line Debbie is controling at the bow windlass going to?

    Do you read comments on your blog?

    Don from FOGgers

  2. The line goes to the bow of the dinghy.
    You can see a painter in one picture and we put a strap thatre also with an eye for the line to connect to. It is used for the in the water lift out and the lift up to deploy to the water.
    Yes Don I do read all the comments, just most do not need a response :)
    Thanks for taking interest.

  3. I didn't know if you were reading replies or not, but good to know you are. :-)

    I figured you had the line attached to the painter (I've never figured out why it's called that), but is the line around the windlass a halyard?


  4. Hi Don,
    Yes it is a halyard. I should have made this all a lot clearer I guess. The line that goes to the windless is a spinnaker pole halyard that we use to hold the whisker pole when we have the flopper stopper deployed. It is also used to haul up the dinghy. We made up a short bridal for connecting to the same place the painter connects to. It has a SS clip to connect to the dinghy and a O ring. We connect the bridal to the dingy with the clip and lay it on the bow. That way we can reach over the side of the boat and connect the spinnaker halyard that we also put SS clip on with a bowline knot. I’ll try to post a picture of the setup. We will now not be using this again till next cruising season in November.

  5. The bridal has a SS clip on one end and 2-3 feet of webbing and a O ring on the other end.