HVAC work got done on Mermaid 12000 BTU unit

Beginning of April 2013 - Sitting at anchor in Punta De Mita in Banderas Bay -
Pg 69 of the Pacific Mexico Guide book

First we determined where the 4” insulated ducting hose was going to come through the dish cabinet behind the Force 10 stove. The 4” return duct that shoots out cold or hot air (Ac\heat) is there.
Once we knew where to cut the hole Debbie drilled a few holes and we used the jig saw to cut out most of the hole. What we could not cut Debbie finished off by drilling a series of holes.


We could not work from the top because there was not enough room in the cabinet so it was cut from underneath.

I thought the saw blade was old till we saw the wood that came out. It is really thick!
We also drilled four mounting holes in the transition box for the teak grate.

Then we determined the hose passage through the bottom of the storage cabinet and cut another hole. We do think all our ducting holes are now cut and tomorrow we plan on running as much ducting hose as we can.

We also got the breaker box installed. A plastic box we got from Home Depot. We mounted the Blue Seas breaker in it. It and the fuse needs wiring up but we ran out of solderless terminal butt ends for the wire.

We may possibly find some in La Cruz when we get there later this week?


  1. Over the weekend I cleaned all the cushions by pulling out the foam and running the fabric covers through the washer, then air drying them before putting all the foam back in them. Dawn dish soap and a tooth brush worked great in removing engine oil spots in the fabric. Today I put all the cushions back in the boat, but the fixed top cushions in the curved settee took me awhile to screw back in...the hardest ones to clean. I've been wondering how your white cushions have been holding up against getting dirty.


  2. Don,
    Thanks for the advice on the Dawn dish soap! So far, the white cushions are holding up fine. When we get to Paradise Village Marina, we will wash the settee cushions at the Laundromat there. We either put the cushions in the stateroom when we are working on the engine or we make sure to cover them. As for the salon, we have faux leather (part real leather, part vinyl) so they clean up with a damp sponge - no need to remove them. We do, however, put them in the stateroom when we are working on a project in the area as it gives us more room to work and have a work surface. They are holding up very well.

    Thanks for the interest!

  3. We have two chairs covered in that faux leather material, and like you said it cleans up good. If I was going to redo the salon seats I'd do them in that material.