DVD Movies!

End of March 2013 - Sitting in Bahia de Chamela by the fishing village of Perula in Mexico

DVD’s! Yep and we thought we were on the moon! We may still be on the moon as things go but we did find DVD’s. We were talking about swapping DVD’s to another cruiser and how we did not have any because they are al digitized and they said cruisers take movies on USB sticks as well and you can buy them at local stands. Hmm in English, yep. So when we got to the fishing village of Perula in Bahia de Chamela we went to the square and there happened to be a carnival. We shopped at a stand with DVD’s of about a dozen or more English movies and bought two action adventure J . This was a test so to speak. They are copies so who knows. We got them back to the boat and slid one into the PC DVD drive and wala it worked great. So did the other. At 66 pesos (about 3 bucks each) this is a great new thing to have. Now we can freshen up our movie collection!

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