Honda outboard flush and Dave from Free Spirit

Middle of March 2013 – Sitting in the Puerto da la Navidad Marina - Barra
Pg 138 of the Pacific Mexico Guide book

While at the Marina Puerto da la Navidad (which is by the lagoon and is part of the Grand Isla Navidad Resort) we used our Honda 9.9 out board motor engine flush adapter. It does not require you to start the engine. We simply screwed in the adapter for the garden hose and turned on the water. We used the dock water at the marina but we could use the fresh water from the boat as we have a Y valve in our anchor locker for fresh or salt water.

What made this even that much more "cool" was that we had gone to the Honda Outboard dealer in Barra when we first got in this area (previously blogged about).  We wanted to pick up some oil, filters and spark plugs for spares.  Just for the heck of it, we asked of he had the flush assembly part and sure enough, he check in the back and came out with it.  Who would have guessed!?!?!

The fresh water rinses the water intake through the water cooling and discharge.
Completely rinses the motor of salt water.

We will be going to Tenacatita in the morning where we will row the dingy and then to Chamela where we will also row the dingy so we will not be using the Honda outboard for about a month.

As we were doing the video Dave from Free Spirit, another Islander Freeport 36 went by in his dingy. He had stopped by earlier and we all chatted.


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