Nieuwstad on Free Spirit in the lagoon, another Islander Freeport 36

Middle of March 2013 – Sitting in the Marina Puerto da la Navidad Marina - Barra

Free Spirit - Dave Niauwstad.
We met up with Dave Nieuwstad on Free Spirit, an Islander Freeport 36...the same type of boat we have. He anchored in the Barra-Bahia de Navidad lagoon the day before we were leaving for the Marina Puerto da la Navidad which is by the lagoon and is part of the Grand Isla Navidad Resort.
Dave and I on Elegant'sea, our Islander Freeport 36.
Debbie is taking the pictures.
We haled Dave on the VHF and talked a bit. The next day we left for the marina and he stopped by. We had a nice talk and of course we talked Islander Freeports. We hope to see Dave again before we sail north.


  1. Talk about a small world!

    Dave chimes in to the FOGgers once in a great while, but I wasn't sure where he was in Mexico these days. I thought he was based in La Paz, but I guess he's not anymore.

    Say hi to him for me please.

    Don from FOGgers

    1. Dave said he was not sure where he was going to summer over at. Possibly PV?