Shade Tree up for the stern section

Middle of March 2013 – Sitting in the Tenacatita anchorage

We got our Shade Tree up for the stern section of the boat here in Tenacatita. We have put some hardware on the zippers so they do not come un-zipped and take the stress off the zippers. We had added the zippers to get by the stays. It is working good and this is one less thing we need to do for the rest of our cruising. We have had to do a lot of “firsts”.
So of course it decides to blow 18-20 knots the day we put this Shade Tree up. We have had it up in more wind so we are confident about the setup and not dragging here at anchor. All is well.
Nice and shady hanging out in the cockpit breeze just flows right through.

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  1. I'm wondering if you bought and stored the canvas before you left San Diego or did you purchase it in Mexico? Looks good!