They do gardening right in Mexico

We were in the Barra Bahia de Navidad Marina in the biggining of February 2013

Let’s just say they got it right here with gardening etc. NO leaf blowers!! No gas powered tools like hedge clippers! In San Diego, CA it is next to impossible just to dare imagine a day without a leaf blower but here they are not making any noise, bliss! Brooms and the old fashioned QUIET rakes are the tools used.

If you look closely there is a man by the ple on land that is cutting the hedge. He is bent over slightly.

 For instance we were sitting in the cockpit at the Barra-Bahia de Navidad Marina and a fella stated trimming the hedge.

This hedge goes around the entire marina and then there are more by the villas and hotel. He used a hand clipper. Then a rake was used for cleanup. We had a nice peaceful morning in the cockpit as there was no noise. Now in San Diego at the marina there would have been no quiet all morning.

This has been true in the at least 14 towns and cities we have been in so far and let’s hope it just keeps being nice and quiet.  

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